Don’t eat bananas for the elderly!

Older people are often abused by constipation problems. Therefore, eating more pears, bananas and other fruits has become one of the compulsory homework for the elderly to notice constipation.

In fact, not all fruits can become the “buster” of constipation in the elderly. Cool fruit, constipation elderly people should still eat less.

  Constipation is also divided into different types according to the clinical manifestations of constipation patients, Chinese medicine will be divided into multiple types of constipation, for most young adults, constipation is mostly a real disease, fever, therefore, appropriate increase in pears, bananas, etc. have heat, the intestines, laxative food can relieve constipation.

  However, constipation of the elderly is mostly a deficiency syndrome, because the yang of the human body will gradually weaken with age. Most elderly people have different degrees of spleen and kidney yang deficiency symptoms, often manifested as dry stools, insufficiency of limbs, chillsWarm, waist and knees, or cold pain in the abdomen, get warm and comfortable.

If these patients blindly increase the replacement of pears, bananas and other cool fruits, it is tantamount to “adding to the snow”, which will increase the symptoms of constipation in the elderly, which will cause or aggravate the symptoms of chills, cold and pain in the abdomen.

  Older constipation patients should eat more mutton, except for a few elderly constipation patients with dry stool, bad breath, red face, thirst, partial fullness and other heat syndrome, other elderly people should be appropriately reduced in daily diet.Pear, banana, cucumber, melon, orange, watermelon and other cold fruits and vegetables, increase the intake of walnuts, cistanche, lamb, sheep kidney, dog meat, leek and other foods with warming effect.

  Because the elderly in the spleen and kidney yang deficiency, there are still varying degrees of qi and blood deficiency, the body fluid deficiency, therefore, the elderly friends who lead to constipation should also increase the yam, corn, rice, glutinous rice, red dates, honey,Mulberry, black sesame, pine nuts, etc. have the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and the absorption of food for laxative effect.

At the same time, avoid smoking, wine, strong tea, pepper, mustard, pepper and so on.

  Daily conditioning is the fundamental way. Constipation in the elderly is associated with a decline in bowel function and a decrease in peristaltic function. For this kind of constipation, you must not rely on laxatives. The consequences of “snapshot” may be a vicious circle that leads to bowel movements.Creeping is weak and the initial is drier.

  Therefore, elderly constipation patients should be comprehensively adjusted from the life, in addition to diet, but also should pay attention to the following points: First, develop the habit of actively drinking water; Second, in the case of illness and physical strength, according to healthIn the situation, do some activities that can do as much as possible, such as walking, Tai Chi, gymnastics, etc. Third, develop the habit of regular bowel movements, do have any intentions, have to defecate on time; Fourth, use massage to relieve constipation: hands overlap,Apply even force, start from the right lower abdomen and massage 100 times clockwise around the umbilical, 100 times counterclockwise, 3 times a day.