Become is not a skinny meat,Zhao ignored was traced by the East,After you can’t display the charm,I am busy with the former Wang Ba.——At this time, it is wrong or there will be many martial arts.,only……It doesn’t come out in front of Zhao ignore.,After all, Zhao ignored Zhao ignored as hard as him.、Be more stronger,So I can only put Wang Ba.!
Inviting the moon to eode Zhao ignorant as a low temperature,One side of your own center is also a small black hole,Make it《Eight pole magic》The plunder is weakened。
Even four and more people join hands,I can’t hold it, I’m not reluctant to plunder the dragon pulse.,There are several times the bonus,After more than a dozen tricks,The red claws of the right hand are caught in the non-chest,A harsh metal distortion、Friction sound,It is a non-vomiting blood fall back!
Then invite the month to pick up the front,There are also more than a dozen, fall in the wind.,Insisnose somewhat being scattered from the state of Ming Yizhi,Fortunately, the Eastern is unbeaten and rescued.,This is coming to make a demolition……
I saw that Zhao ignored from the neck at this time.,I have gradually spread on a white scais on my face.,Always white、Something,At the same time, the momentum is also again enhanced.。
Obviously, there is no strength to completely stimulate the power of the dragon pulse.……
Moon,Chu Deirers directly,I saw Zhao ignorant with the Chu Deirers.,Seemingly“Special effects”Weakmost,But a trim, but it is the mystery.,It is the essence of countless!
Finally, Zhao ignored himself with the force of the dragon.,EtO、Costled by Chu Deirers,Forcibly《Eight pole magic》With the Chu Dee。
Although it is absorbed,But at this time, you can fight with the Chu Deirers.、Sipiosity interference!
I only saw that the hand is the Chu Deirers to buckle Zhao ignorant,However, on the scene but it is ignorant.,Chu Deirers are on the face、On,Spended recesses from time to time。
However, the Chu Deiren is not panic on his face.,Instead, it is looking at Yannan Tian.——This situation,Before the Chu Deirers and Yannan Days!
Yan Xia is not hesitant at this time,Flying directly from the air,One palm hits Zhao ignorant。
Zhao ignored it originally thought that Yannan Tian is only sneak attack,I want to hard to resist,How……Between Yannan Tianzhu,Whole people like“Fireball”,Instant burning。
Spin is like a flame cloak、As a thing“Wedding dress”,Directly on Zhao ignorant。
Zhao ignored the scream,The capacity shocked!
When the Chu Deeman refers to steadily,I only see Zhao’s Identity,Continuous flaws from outside,Yannan Tian did not see the figure,and……You can see that Zhao is ignorant to flash from time to time.,Some seem to have just sucking people.,Just this side effect seems to be a lot.。
Be right,It is Yan Nan Tian《Wedding clothes》,Forcibly, all people have been in Zhao ignorant!
《Dafa》Substant,At this time, it became a cover door.……
Zhao ignore wants to break free,Yannan days but dead hard irrigation。
At this time, Yannan Tian《Wedding clothes》Greatly,But the dry and quiet,but……But it’s not a dryness.!
It is Yan Nan Tian to temporarily quit the battle for the price.,Give Zhao ignored a dedicated negative effect——Chu Deiren《Wedding clothes》This change,Name“Forter”……
Chapter 11444 Defeat the enemy
For example, it is one-on-one,Yan Nan Tian this is“Send people”undoubtedly,Zhao ignored calm down、Closed crimping,General is ultimately absorbed。
But at this time, I will give Zhao ignore the opportunity to calm down.?
And this kind of evil,What is the rule of rivers and lake?!
Take advantage of Yannan Angel《Wedding clothes》Ultimate Iiz——Forter,Chu Deirers……Instead, take a few steps later,After the disc is sitting down。
Zhao ignorant is first,Then I realized what he had to do.,I am striving to attack、I saw that I just hurt and not dead.,At this time, I sailed a few breaths.,Already transformed again,The gentleman——Don’t want to block Zhao ignore,Just asked when Zhao ignored the Chu Deirers,Can be entangled!
Inviting the month and the Eastern invisible this time is one left and right to Zhao ignore.……
I saw Zhao ignored the side effect of Yannan Tian at the beginning.,Reluctantly put the press to invite the month and the Eastern,But……No thirty strokes,Zhao ignore suddens suddenly、Weak number。