“what the hell,I also want to see”
Suddenly attracted,Want to tears,Lift your hand in Liao Jie waist,Clamp。
Whenever she uses force,Liao Jie is suffocating,Follow up to increase the strength,Twice,She helplessly gave up struggle,Follow up。
This time she is unlucky,Just biting the dog,Next time no。
Chapter 285 Can you say a detailed point?
“Bamboo 啵~~啵 啵~~~”
Two minutes later,Liao Wenjong’s tears,Fresh air with big mouth。
First kiss,Will not cooperate with a breathing delay is normal!
But this is not a focus,The focus is that he found that the kiss of tears is incomparable.,This should be a comparable depend,Changed crushing,Even still needs him to bring rhythm,Can you have to play back。
Too slag!
This female active is ready,Have been extremely,Emotion can also respond,While camouflage,I don’t see some slice of flaws.。
For this, Liao Wenjie,He admitted,Just playkissWhen I came.,A no brake,Exposed hidden identity of the kiss master。
Fortunately, no problem,Kissing skills can be made with men.,Again with two big wheezing,Whoever wins this time is not known。
I have a tearful and breathing.,Mixed porcelain white skin color,Eyelash,Blurred eyesight amazing。
Oops,Be a heart feeling!
Liao Wenjie’s heart,Slag sea for many years,Very clear。
In love,Who actively,Who lost half?,Who loves the other side more,Who is an absolute loser。
This small particle is in the opposite,He is ready to prepare,It’s still a heartbeat.,Uncommitte。
Come to tears, take the initiative to live in Liao Wenjie’s neck,Because I just kissed the emotion,Red lips are moving,More enthusiastic than just。
“啵 啵~~啵 啵~~~”
Liao Wenjie responded,One side……
No one,Not very beautiful,Hemulion choice will count,Beautiful name‘First 佯 中,Ambush’。
The two more and more intense,Come and tearful,Weak minced throat,The hands and feet are soft,Liao Wenjie followed by,Hold her poured on the couch。
“Ah this year……”
Distant Tiantai,Come and love your face,Pending a telescope,After three seconds,Positive value, she reaches out the evil hand,Pick up the telescope。
“Little Love,What happened next door?,What kind of sound is,Take a bath??”
“Less nonsense,Don’t bother me to watch the play。”
I love to love my mouth.:“I have seen it.,Big sister wants to use the beauty to deliberately,She is looking at people.。”
“Speak fast,What is the situation?,Which step is developed??”