Niu De Wang wants to break your head, I don’t understand when I became Liao Jie’s younger brother.,But see the other party so good,Decisively selected retreat,Then
He found no way to retreat,The door is in front of,Other all the dead。
Old cattle is a mature demon king,I have known the age of the calf.,Selling will only be pressed,I didn’t say it.,Turned to death。
Get a bullish king away,Liao Jie looks to the spring thirty mother,The mouth is slightly evoke:“Ample,It’s you,Fiscalism,I finally got a Tang San Tibet.。”
Spring 3d Youth may be the first to successfully put Tang San Tibet in the belly,Still under the eyelids of Sun Wukong and Pig Eight Rings,This,It is worth a look。
“what,Where is Tang San??”
Spring thirty mother is shocked,I don’t know what Liao Jie is saying.。
“Your son,He is the Tang Sanche in this world.。”Liao Jie,A face, taste,Laughing to see the spring thirty mother’s face is turning to the white,Abba Bab can’t say a word。
“for,Why is my son??!”
Spring thirty mother has made a monster for hundreds of years,See how popular,Soon,Woody:“It’s you dry.,You let Tang San hide become my child,Yes or no?”
“not me,Really want to say,Should be the Bodhi old ancestors”
Liao Jie touched the Pakistan:“I think carefully.,What is the sin?,I want to eat Tang Yan meat but I find my son is Tang Yan.,Such a cruel punishment,You must have a bad guilty.。”
Spring thirty mother heard the head,If you don’t make a mistake,She really gave a few ancestors of Bodhi.,pocket、阴 阴 一 No 没。
Spatial fluctuation,Liao Jie no longer says,The palm is posted on the Diamate,Spit, shocked it into powder。Within the line of view,Supreme treasure shouting like a zhusiande。
Er Due to the front foot is still amazing,After the feet discovered the door.,I rushed to the Spring Thirty Mother.,Seeing his face is ugly,Hand named Tang San Tibetan son:“Thirty mother,Are you OK,Don’t scare children。”
Spring thirty mother is in the eyes of his own flesh,See the baby to sleep,Mengyu and she have a few points,Instant tears flow。
Not only a little appetite,I even want milk,Ideal for her life and Tang Yan meat!
Chapter 584 Sesame
Supreme treasure hugged a lucky use of moonlight boxes,Prayer time is really backover,A flower,Peripheral view reset plate,Heart god,The face is very beautiful.。
“It’s really time to turn back.,This month, the light treasure box is too big.!”
Supreme treasure straight to the murder case,Have you swear to save Bai Jingjing,By the way, let the murderer pay the price。
Because of the evening,The supreme treasure does not know how white crystal is committed.,This time is the same,Arrive at the scene,Bai Jingjing just fell,He ran faster than him.,While gasping,While running towards the plate。
Come back!
“Damn,Your dare to dare to be bad.!”