It’s almost time,The two are getting off work。Wang Youcai walked gently to Julan who was packing her things and said:“You don’t have to go back tonight,Lao Lu returned home,I’m alone in one yard。Hard for you these days,I have to comfort you”
“Not serious!Xu Lihong is back home,A yard,I’m a little scared living alone”When Julan said this,There was a faint blush on Fen’s face。Wang Youcai likes Julan’s shy look。
The two closed the store door less than eight o’clock,Then I ate something casually at the small restaurant on the roadside,The two of them returned to Doctor Lu’s compound together。
Darkness in the compound,Give people a terrible silence。After Wang Youcai waited for Julan to walk in,And locked the courtyard door from inside。Only then took Julan’s hand,The two of them walked towards his room intimately。
The door is locked,Wang Youcai fumbled in the dark and opened the door,He didn’t turn on the lights either,But wait for Julan to come,He couldn’t wait to close the door,And also locked。
“Why not turn on the light?There is no electricity here, right?!”Julan’s words haven’t been finished yet,Wang Youcai has hugged her from behind。
“I really want to die,This time is really tough”Wang Youcai was panting,Talking love words softly in Julan’s ear。
Julan twisted her body,A posture of wanting to refuse。She exhaled and asked:“You can now?Didn’t you say you are taking medicine??”
“Can you know it in a while?”Wang Youcai finished,He pushed Julan on the bed。In a while,Accompanied by panting.Rest sound。The big wooden bed screamed beyond its load。The voice was heard in the silent courtyard,Unusually harsh。
New Year’s Eve,Is Xiaonian。Wang Youcai in his sleep was startled by the sound of firecrackers and woke up。Tossing about most of the night last night,He can’t get up at dawn。Luckily, Julan went to the small clinic early,Otherwise he won’t sleep until the sun comes out。
Wang Youcai yawns,Stretched a very comfortable waist,Only then got up。Suddenly the phone on the bedside rang。He quickly took it over and took a look,The call came from home。
Wang Youcai quickly connected,Inside came the thunderous roar of the old lady Chen Yueqin:“Wang Youcai!It’s New Year’s Eve today,What are you doing outside?Xia Jian’s 28th is back,Do you still have this home in your heart?”Wang Youcai is speechless,How can you compare Xia Jian with him??
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Wang Youcai rushed to the small clinic,Seeing that Julan is dispensing cold medicine to two patients。These days,She grabs medicine,Secretly learn。What medicine to take for a general cold,She silently wrote down。
After the two patients are gone,Wang Youcai said to Julan:“I should go back,My mother is mad,I can’t even enter the house anymore。This is the key in my room,You live here these few days。If you are afraid at night,Turn on the street light”
“You go quickly!I’m fine”Julan Chong Wang Youcai said with a faint smile。
Wang Youcai came out of the clinic,Drove to the supermarket。He pushed two shopping carts,It’s full of things needed for the New Year,In this way, he will not blame him again when he goes home。
Drove to the gas station again,After filling up the fuel tank,Wang Youcai drove to Xiping Village。Along the way,The sound of firecrackers to celebrate the Spring Festival has sounded in the surrounding villages。Wang Youcai at this time,I really want to have wings and fly back。