This forest,Have a good look ,Good luck,Ripe,Astanding and capable,indeed,In the world’s people,Only such a woman is equipped with male gods in the hearts of people.。
Her way:“Miss Lin,If you should say it,Then I will go first.。”
Lin Zishi looked at Blue Xin not angry,There is no shackle,It is not a taste in my heart.。
Facing your own provocation and martyrdom,There is no counterattack,This makes her feel that she seems to have learned from the woman.。
“Blue Xin,Do you have no self??”
She visited her。
She came here to block Blue Xin,Just want to add her heart,Looking at her achievements today,She is thinking that she will not let her pass.。
If you will expand your thinking,I know what is the meaning of her today??
Lan Xin suddenly looked at her,“Rate,Do I want to talk to someone in the back??”
When she designs to put themselves to Lu Haozheng,Have you have a self??
Besides,She threatened her to let her,Have you ever thought about your own self??
Lin Zihang Road:“Blue Xin,What is the meaning of you??”
Blue Xin is very dead,Looking at her gradually angry,And my heart is still calm, like water。
Many years of life experience,Her calm and introverted have been settled。
NS672chapter:This thing is not finished.
“Miss Lin,Since it comes to self-esteem,Then I will tell you.,What is self-esteem??
Self-respect is self-respect,Only you respect yourself,Can win other people’s respect。
And you have previously,Do you have self-esteem??”
Blue Xin looked at her,Gaze。
Lin Zikang has some looked at her.,I don’t know how to answer her for a moment.。
Blue Free,Have a calm open:“Poke other people’s spine,Stepping on the wounds of others,Take someone else,In the dark, do some things that you can’t see.,Is this what you called self-esteem??”
Her heart can be sure,What happened today must be related to this self-contained woman can’t get related。
“correct,There is another thing,I forgot to tell you,ttHas been opened by the company,As for the reason,I think Miss Lin is clear than anyone.。”
Blue Xin finished,Luski, one inch, one-inch, white,Blue Xin’s pace of departure,Her mouth with shallow smile,Not related to victory or what?
only,She is too much hurt,Early cultivate the inner heart,Not a heartless,Do not shake the temptation。
I have seen a word,As long as you have self-respect,Even if it is a pile of white bones, it is also a thousand gold.!Lin Zishi looks at the back of Blue Xin,Note one inch amplification,That slender back,Like Po You,Iron,in short,she,Looked Lan Xin。
I really can’t treat her and general women.,otherwise,Will lose a collapsed land。
“Blue Xin,You are waiting for me,this matter,Not finished。”
Lin Zishi Station is biting his teeth in place.。
but,ttThing,She knows,That Lu Hao Cheng?
Lin Ziwei looked slightlyttHave you told her something??
Do not,ttJust with her by phone,I didn’t see her own,otherwise,Lu Haozheng’s personality,I have already been looking for her account.。