“By the time,You will be recognized as a member of the virtual universe witch branch or even the headquarters!”Ming Yu is quite happy:“Even if you are an external member,Can also get great benefits,If your talent is high enough,It may even enter the core layer of the virtual universe。”
“Master Mingyu,I would also like to join the witch branch or even the headquarters of the virtual universe company,But I am now in a very dangerous environment,I’m afraid it will be difficult to find a solution in a short time。。。”Li Ming said this embarrassingly。
“You!”Mingyu is also an old fritters that has been mingled outside the virtual universe for many years,Naturally understand what Li Ming meant:“If not you are in danger,I’m afraid you won’t tell me you actually understand the origin of the law。。。Speak,What danger have you encountered?!”
Li Ming told Ming Yu about their journey in the world of black water.。
“Nangus Empire!”Ming Yu frowned:“I understand。Nangues·That old guy Yan is indeed the kind of guy who has no skin at all,Maybe he will send a permanent star army to deal with you,Maybe even get it in person‘Blue Stone Star’To deal with you。The master of the blue stone star can only be regarded as average in the domain master,Can’t deter him。”
“such,I will immediately dispatch an army of constant stars,I will tell you my virtual network account in a moment,You directly contact him。I will tell them to obey your command。”
“On the other hand, you try to delay for some time,I will personally rush to Bluestone Star。。。But I am a little far away now,I’m afraid it will take half a year。Wait for me to arrive,You again from‘Blackwater World’Come out。”
“As for Nangues·Yan that old guy,I will talk to him,But with his temperament,Even verbally agree,I might ignore the promise and deal with you。”
“Anyway,When I get to Bluestone Star,You can come out。”Ming Yu said seriously:“Before,Don’t leave the world of black water。”
“Thank you Master Mingyu so much!”Li Ming was also relieved。
“If you really want to thank me,Then practice hard,In the future, if you can step into the domain master and return this favor。”Ming Yu grinned,“You can go back now。”
“Yes!”Li Ming nodded,Dissipate directly into the meditation chamber。
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Chapter Sixteen Nangus Star
In the Blackwater World。
“Li Ming,What’s going on,Master Mingyu agreed to help us??”Hong and Lei Shen asked quickly。In fact, neither Hong nor Thor is a non-seeking character,But this matter is too troublesome after all,The key is to involve a strong domain master,That can destroy the entire planet’s biosphere with a single blow。They have no resistance at all。