Confused, Wang Youcai dialed his father Wang Degui’s cell phone,The strange thing is that the phone rang for a long time before being connected。And this signal is a bit bad,Wang Youcai became nervous for a while。
“Hey!dad,Where did you all go?Why is there no one in the family??”Wang Youcai on the phone,Shouted out of his throat。
Wang Degui’s intermittent voice came from the phone:“We are all here…Ground…”
“In the ground?Where is it?”Wang Youcai is very strange。Where did they go?
“Dongshan Xigou’s land…”Wang Degui said,No sound in the phone。
Wang Youcai hung up the phone,I just remembered,His home was in Xigou in Dongshan,There is one acre。But it hasn’t been planted for years,It should be a wasteland。Where did the whole family go??I really have nothing to do。
Wang Youcai complained secretly,So I drove my car at the entrance of the village,Drive towards Dongshan。Because Xiping Village has set up a sheep farm in Southeast Mountain,So the road to Dongshan hardened especially well。
It’s just over ten minutes by car,But if you walk,That’s not an hour,It takes 40 to 50 minutes at the earliest。When I was young,Tension at home,Wang Youcai still does not run here less,So for this place,He is still very familiar。
These few years,Most of the land of the people in Xiping Village has been transferred to cooperatives,So these land that I didn’t want to plant a few years ago,Now picked up by the villagers,Started planting some crops。Farmers are ground-based,Actually no one wants their land to be vacant。
Wang Youcai parked the car at Xigoukou in Dongshan,Then get off the car and walk towards Xigou。Which path is still the same,Although some places have collapsed,Narrowed,But when Wang Youcai stepped on,There is a familiar feeling。
This land of his house,Not far from Mizoguchi。That’s why Wang Youcai walked less than 50 meters,I saw in which piece of land in his house。Yao Chunni and my mother Chen Yueqin are bending over to dig the ground,And my father Wang Degui squatted on the ground and smoked his old dry smoke。
When young,Wang Degui has hardly ever been to the ground。Old now,It’s even more impossible for him to work in the ground。
Wang Youcai appeared in the ground,The first person to call out was Chen Yueqin,She laughed:“The boss of our family has also gone to the ground?Will the sun go down from the west??”
“Oh stop fussing,The sun is already hanging on the west hill。I think you guys really have nothing to do,What are you doing here??”Wang Youcai said,Took a look at Yao Chunni。
Yao Chunni is holding the corner of her pants,Two feet barely stepped on the dirt that was just turned over,He smiled at Wang Youcai:“You came just right,Only so little left,Let’s go back together after finishing”
Yao Chunni is right,There is really not much land left。Chen Yueqin looked ugly at Wang Youcai,Then he laughed and said:“This land is barren and barren,Better to plant some corn on the cob,Wait till winter,Make corn rice”
“Damn!How much can you eat,Just buy some”Wang Youcai’s eyes stared,Said very unhappily。
Chen Yueqin saw Wang Youcai’s attitude,He smiled and said:“Don’t worry about turning the ground。How about you and your wife go home first!”
Chen Yueqin said this,Wang Youcai can’t make sense。You said you leave the two old people to work in the field,He and Yao Chunni went home early,Is this a joke that the villagers saw。