The way to Julan’s house,The road to Yao Chunni’s house is basically the same,But halfway through, they separated。And Julan’s house is a little closer to town,Is a small plain washed out by the river。So the whole village is located by the river,Appears extremely flat。
Julan’s family village,It’s a big village with more than one hundred families。Wang Youcai parked the car at the entrance of the village,Then took out all the things in the trunk and put them on the ground。
When Wang Youcai turned around,Julan’s natal brother has come to help her get things。In order not to draw attention to him,Wang Youcai didn’t even say hello,Drove the car and ran away。
But on the way back,Actually changed the sky,Not waiting for him to drive the car to the door of the small clinic,There was heavy snow in the sky。
And it’s the snow,The demeanor is within a few meters,Somewhat scary。Wang Youcai hit the snow on his body,While walking into the small clinic。
He Jing, who was burning in the oven, saw that Wang Youcai was here,Happily stood up immediately。She laughed:“Boss Wang is here!Happy New Year boss Wang!”
Wang Youcai nodded,Sat down。But his eyes swept back and forth on He Jing as soon as he entered the door。
The temperature in the small clinic is not low,So He Jing didn’t wear a jacket,Didn’t wear a white coat。She wore a black tight-fitting cashmere sweater,The lower body is a short skirt with warm stockings。
This woman in her forties,If you don’t look at her face,I can find out her actual age。And since Wang Youcai came in,He Jing’s eyes lit up。
The heavy snow outside is still falling,A strong wind blows from time to time,Blow up the curtains。He Jing is not a simple woman,She knew what Wang Youcai meant from his eyes。
“Damn!Such heavy snow and wind,No one came,Why not close the door temporarily”He Jing softly asked。
Wang Youcai is back,Said with a dry cough:“You can call the shots。But I found,Doctor He is really charming”