“what!This……How can two brothers know??but……I won’t die.。”Dog hybrids have been shocked,I only feel that the second brother is simply god.。
This is a good guess——If it is not going to the snowy mountain,He is nothing to go,Just recognized with your parents,It is possible to accompany to the snowy mountain.;However, if the dog hybrid is to go to the snowy mountain,That is nothing to hesitate.,unless……He wants to do things!
Chu Deiren heard the annotation:“Whose idea is this??Is it that Ding Wei??I see what she is not a person.,I will give him a sign of a sign now.!”
Who is bullied??
Do you have this reason?!
“do not……Two brother,Not a jingle……is her……Oh, not……Second, you listen to me.……It’s a big trick and he is a big fight.,This was heard by me.,Later……After that, I am voluntarily going for him.!叮叮 dangly because of this,Also lick……”
Dog hybrids stopped the Chu Deirers,And explain。
This time is really not a ghost,But the stone in the stone, this little thief she wants.!
Before the Tause Conference,He sees your brother,Actually, the old monk of Shaolin is still playing.,Heart is surprised and happy,then……I have some complaints in my heart.。
It turns out that this brother is so powerful.?
It seems that this kind of murderer is not weak than the Chu.,That……If he is sincere, I have to keep me.,How can the snow mountain part??
His aunt is now counting.,Although the stone clear is sometimes easeous,But the big fault made to my son,No cover、Short heart,Even if you can’t get carefully, you can clean your portal.,But just want your own couple to make up for it.,Ask a white father to forgive;Two……Shi Qing even wanted to play,People’s Snow Mountain Part is not afraid of him,Shi Qing’s martial arts,And the white sword ratio is half a catty,Where is strong?,Never use to say and alive than。
However, Shi Zhong Yu feels,My brother,I am afraid that I can press the old man’s head.!
pity,People completely do not help me……
And at this time,Shi Zhongyu discovered,Dangdang looks to the eyes of your brother,Time、Something is very tangled,石中玉 心……Look at the time!
Butcher’s knife,Shi Zhongyu takes the opportunity to see Ding Wei alone,Too to ask for“Stone”,If he wants him to go to Lingxiao City。
In order to convince Ding Wei,Shi Zhongyu not only emphasizes,Take the martial arts,Why can’t Dao Dao?,And still pleading、But after being rejected,Take the initiative to know that she is getting angry.,As long as she helps himself,I don’t blame her yourself.,I will never talk about the things of them.。
The result was regrantured by Ding Wei.,Reward a slap,Two people were discovered by dog hybrids,Stone Yusheng is shameless and directly seeking him,Ding Xiangzhi’s stone,Shameful angry,Dog hybrids really eat this set,Promise him to go to Ling Xiaocheng,Ding Wei reveals the mind of the jade,Results were strangely strange by the jade and yin and yang in Shi.,Plus and dissatisfied with dog hybrids,Leave。
However, the dog hybrid has already set an idea……
“Are you stupid??He lost his life,Shi Qingyi will be sad,You lost your life,Do they not be sad??What’s more, he is dead.、You live,They still have a comfort,you are dead、Leave him alive,This is not to be mad?They also have an age,I still want to have the old three.!”Chu Deirers immediately persuaded。
“This……I think my reinforcement on behalf of him.,He can also use this from the province。”Dog hybrids say。
“Don’t you think,This is pushed out!”Chu Deirers said tough。
“I have quietly put him.,After a while, the man will find。”Dog hybrid whisper。
“you!”Chu Deirers listened to him“White master”、That is, Baifuanjian,Look slightly:“Also,Then let’s go.,But remember two things……”
“Second brother please say。”Dog hybrid said,A pair worried that the second brother disagree。
“First, if there is any change in the snow mountain school,Meet your master、Be sure to listen to your Master,Don’t meet your Master,Be sure to stand on the white master,two is……No matter what reason,Don’t hurt you,Otherwise, it is necessary to slaughter the stone.、I destroy the snowy mountain!”
Chu Deirers said to take a dog hybrid shoulder。
“what?How can this?I am going to save people.……”
“Then I don’t care,I said, you have said, I said to do it.,Don’t say something,You look at it yourself。”Chu Deirers said,I have driven him out of the room。
Solve the discovery of Baixianjian,The child is getting away by people.,At that time, the father-in-law, the father-in-law, who had to fall, and fell to the bottom of the valley.。
As for the dog hybrid, how to deceive Shiqing and 柔,Is his own thing。
Two heads,The nine difficulties who have not seen before before,At this time, two apprentices,Arrived。
On the road, I met the two masses of Zhengki, Zheng Ni, who was in Panzhou Hu.,Aunt’s beauty,There is no unexpectedly brought the effect of hind butterfly。
And it is, Zheng Ke Shuang, this year, less gold、Lying gift,The mood of the Aunt is not so bad.
Zheng Ke Shuang is almost near,Knowing the nine victims,It is also very dissatisfied with the Qing court.,“Unintentional”Relapses your identity,I have to take them together.“Turtle meeting”。
Zheng Ke Shuang always intentionally,It is the master of the heaven and earth,Chen Na South in his eyes,It is just a slave——Still not very much、And big brother is better than home slaves。
As if as long as the Central Plains、Hebei,He Zheng is the Tang Laozi.……