“I am so sorry,Here is the account card,I almost forgot such an important thing!correct,Are you sure it is7A game pod??To sign one by one!”The courier boy in red uniform emphasized。
“no problem,Are all here!”Feng Xichuan opened all the doors,The modified training room in the living room of Huxin Apartment comes into view。
“Are you a professional team?Phoenix?”The courier said in doubt,Last night he heard that he will have7During the transportation mission of the glory cabin,I almost didn’t sleep all night worried……
“remember,Flower team,If you want my signature,Give us the account card first!”Zhang Song combed his bangs with his hands,Leaning against the wall and walking to the courier brother。
“This man with the same length as a horse face,Doesn’t look nasty!”
The courier brother reluctantly quickly took out a few envelopes from the backpack,Read one by one:
“To the Battlefield Superwoman——!”
“To glory veterans——FP.Ermapingchuan!”
“To the Fearless Warrior——zi!”
“To the sharpshooter——zi!”
“Medicinal jar——FP.XiaoZ!”
“To the big heart——FP.Tanglin Hermit Li Ge Laugh!”
“To the lucky ones——FP.Master Luban!”
“it’s me!”
“this is me!”