Finish reading a name,Anderson took the lead and applauded。
Other people at the scene also took two symbolic shots,I can’t wait to straighten my ears。
“Second finalist,Second place overall,Yale University·Dr Angie!Congratulations!”
Another name was called,How many people are happy,Dr. Anji jumped three feet high when he was called,The faces of others are already full of despair,Many people started to turn around and leave。
Because everyone feels like a mirror,The first place is definitely the first in the written test、Interview first、Qiao Tianyu, the first overall score,Other people have no hope。
So other people’s hopes are third and second overall,Now these two places have been announced,The others are completely out of play today!
“Now announce the last finalist,First place overall.”
Speaking of which,Anderson paused for a while,Turned to look at Qiao Tianyu。
And Qiao Tianyu also smiled,Wave to everyone,Announcement of preparation。
“University of Pennsylvania,Byron·Dr Bawis!”
Just when Anderson said the last name,The scene seemed to explode***,There was a roar immediately!
It’s not Qiao Tianyu!
Qiao Tianyu is not the first place!
Everyone was stunned by this result,Qiao Tianyu is not the first place!
Everyone swept their gazes at Qiao Tianyu with a bewildered look,What’s the matter?
Written first,Interview first,The overall result is not the first?
what happened?