Chapter five hundred and sixteen compromise
Until the next day when Su Chengxu was visited by his family,He just smiled somewhat,But he said,“Save me out,I really know it was wrong。”
Last night,Su Chengxu can’t sleep at all。Sleepy is of course sleepy,But as long as the people around you make a little noise, he can be scared。
no way,For the first time in this place,Especially after being threatened by Qin Feng。That’s why I’m so scared!In fact, how could he know that Qin Feng actually said hello?,Just frighten this guy。No need to do anything to him。
“Qin Feng,You let my son out。What do you want to do!”Wang Xin looked at Qin Feng and pleaded。After a day of communication,She understands,Su Chengxu was sent in by Qin Feng。As for the purpose,Even Wang Xin doesn’t understand why Qin Feng did this。
“Mom i was wrong,You let him let me out,I change,Will really change!”It is clear,Su Chengxu is a little quiet and weak。
Su Xiaodong, who has been unconvinced with Qin Feng at this time, can only speak softly,“Qin Feng,I was not good before,Bad attitude towards you。You have a lot of adults,How about letting my son go?”
Actually, you don’t need to say,Su Xiaodong and his wife are very aware of the bends here。If Qin Feng wants to kill Su Chengxu,,It’s really much easier than crushing an ant。Basically, what happened here is just a word from Qin Feng。You don’t even need Qin Feng to do it yourself。
But Qin Feng was not fooled this time。
“Yooo,How did you promise me yesterday?I let you go,But the result?You turned around and betrayed me。For a boy like you,Do you think i’ll be merciless?Where do I put my face?”Qin Feng is also very hard,He was disgusted by the Su family because of what happened yesterday。
Even if Qin Feng had already prepared,But when things really developed in this direction, Qin Feng still felt depressed。
so,Let him let Su Chengxu easily?Why the latter?
And Su Xiaodong and the couple,I have never respected my attitude towards myself,When did Qin Feng suffer such a loss??Even if Su Rou knows she is angry then?His phone is turned off,I just don’t want to hear Su Rou scold him。
Leave this sentence,Qin Feng didn’t stay in this interrogation room。