Deng Chao blamed Sun Hao for painting for seven years but never painted Deng Chao. Sun Hao replied with nine words, so funny.

In addition to her acting and acting, Sun Hao is a very talented person. Her calligraphy and calligraphy are all well-versed. Her calligraphy is very beautiful. Her oil painting is already a master level. Sun Hao will draw some flowers and dogs.Sometimes children are painted.

Moreover, Sun Hao is a person who knows how to keep a good health. On weekdays, children go to kindergarten, raise their own flowers, draw pictures, and have a cup of afternoon tea. Sun Hao really puts his life through the dreams of many people.

But recently, Deng Chao issued a document saying that “Mr. Sun has been painting for seven years and has painted children and all the dogs in the house. I have never painted me. Am I really not painting?”

“I also sent out a portrait of a paper basket”, commenting on a grievance expression, it seems that Super Brother is jealous and complained.

For Deng Chao’s blame, Sun Hao only replied with nine words, that is, “Your face is too flat, not good to draw.

“The niece is really funny, and many netizens commented that “the painting is very much like you!”

“I still have to say, “You are so handsome, you can’t draw with a stroke.”

Fans are also funny.

The time for painting is very fast, but the heart of the painter will be extremely calm. When I look at my work after completion, I will give some pride from the heart. No wonder the goddess is always so radiant and confident.

Let life live a little slower, let yourself live in a happy way, Sun Hao did this, she knows how to get along with her husband and wife, and knows how to educate her children. Even if she doesn’t understand, she will learn and ask.Learn to be lazy in your busy schedule, try new things, and you will find more beauty.