Xiao Fan heard what Lin Yuner said,First rolled his eyes,Then he said to Lin Yoona very innocently:“My wife,When you answer the phone,You didn’t carry me at all, okay??Your voice,I just don’t want to hear,That’s impossible!”
Lin Yuner was said by Xiao Fan,Flushed,Finally, she said to Xiao Fan embarrassedly:“Oh,right!You said why I forgot?sorry,I seem to blame you again!”
Xiao Fan smiled,Then said:“OK,I’m used to it,Let’s go,If we linger for a while,It is estimated that both father and mother should be waiting anxiously。”
Lin Yuner was going to say something to refute Xiao Fan’s,But after thinking for a long time, I didn’t think of what I could say now。
so,After Lin Yoona smashed her mouth a few times,At the end only said one sentence:“Ok,Anyway, no matter what you have, it’s right.!”
After Lin Yuna said such a sentence,,I just turned around and walked out of the cafe without anything.。
Xiao Fan smiled bitterly and looked at the left and right bags in his hand,Not just now,Lin Yoona is still crying and screaming to take the bag by herself??
I won’t give it to her,In the end, she was criticized,What happened now,Turned and left,Never look back,I didn’t even say a word about helping myself with my luggage.。
There seems to be a good saying,Call this world,Only villains and women are difficult to raise!
And what else,Feminine,Sea needle,Too difficult to fathom。
Something that I have requested many times,Now it’s as if there is nothing like this,Left without looking back。
Xiao Fan shook his head helplessly,He took the things and walked behind Lin Yuner。
When Lin Yuna walked to the door,,I might feel that I suddenly left like this,May not perform very well,and so,Thought for a while,Lin Yoona finally stopped,Turned head,Looking at Xiao Fan’s big and small bags,Suddenly I feel a little bit intolerable。
and so,After hesitating for a while,Still talking to Xiao Fan:“Xiao Fan,Or you still give me two things,I’ll take the meaning,otherwise,I always feel like this is particularly guilty。”
Lin Yuner finished saying this to Xiao Fan,I took a very symbolic look at Xiao Fan’s hands that were stuffed with big bags.,Then he took another look at his empty hands。