but,Xiao Fan never thought,Lin Yoona will actually use this sentence back to herself one day。
It seems,Lin Yoona is really a little girl who loves to bear grudges?
After Xiao Fan listened to Lin Yun’er,,She also smiled awkwardly at Lin Yoona,After all, what I always used to warn Lin Yuner before,Now Lin Yuner came to warn herself,It’s hard for Xiao Fan to be embarrassed!
“Yes,correct,This sentence is indeed what I said,but,but……”finally,Xiao Fan didn’t have a long time,I can’t tell you anything。
Lin Yun’er looked at Xiao Fan, who was a little slumped, proudly,Don’t mention how proud it is。
You know,Lin Yoona watched too much of Xiao Fan’s omnipotence,It’s really the first time I’ve eaten it。
It’s really cool!
Lin Yun’er was secretly proud,But she dare not show it on her face,otherwise,Doesn’t that seem to be too bad!
A woman would want to see her husband eaten up,What a difficult thing to understand。
“so,Now that you think about it now, you warned me,Then you don’t need me to tell you more now, right?”Lin Yoona still said proudly。
“No need to,no need,I know what it means。”Although Xiao Fan is unwilling,But I have to say that。
“Really don’t need?”Lin Yoona deliberately asked。
“Really don’t need!”Xiao Fan replied。
“If not needed,Then just say the answer to the question I just asked according to the most true thought in your heart.!”Lin Yoona has returned to the question she originally asked Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan is speechless,Does Lin Yuna have such a good memory?,It’s all here now,I haven’t forgotten the question I just asked。
No way,I chose my wife,Of course my wife’s temper has to be used to myself。
Since Lin Yuna didn’t forget about this,,Then there is only one way to wait for Xiao Fan,That is to answer her。
And I still have to answer Lin Yoona just now according to the most true thoughts in my mind,To the question I asked。
“Ok!Since you want to listen,I’ll tell you then!”Xiao Fan seems to have made up his mind,To Lin Yoona。