They do not support Populus,Who else to support?
Say again,Populus euphratica、Skill etc.,And they all meet the conditions of their inheritors。There are already a few voices,It means that Populus is the leader of the new generation。
Lao Cheng、Lao Su,Even curator Liang,Looking at Populus, I am a little envious。
Only Xiaoxiao、But they admire Brother Hu very much,This is the charm of Brother Hu,I can’t help but like it、Get close。
To this,Hua Tsai’s feelings are actually the deepest,Where did Brother Hu go,All heartthrob。
Grasp Populus,A chat is about two hours,Wen Lao Cai let go of Populus,Leave with Director Liang, his nephew。
But then the two father and daughter,The tigress at home has called for the third time。I can’t go back this time,They think they might lose their lives,Hurry up“Sober”go away。
Populus euphratica and Huazi,I wanted to leave,But I can’t bear the Xiaoxiao family’s retention,Had to stay for one night,Leaving Coser, a Gingo solitary hotel。
Early next morning,Then the father and daughter came。
Lao Su also brought two items,I want to ask Hu Yang to take a look。
One of them,It’s the bronze sword you’ve seen before,But the style is not the same as the Longquan sword seen in Longquan。This sword,Obviously lenient。
Not so much a sword,Also kind of like a knife。
Lao Su found someone to identify,There is no one definite answer,Some experts even said,May be from abroad。
“Malay Kris Sword?good stuff。”Populus just take a look,Just recognized。Look at it with the treasure hunting eye and the knowing eye,correct,that’s it。
“It’s really a sword!I thought it was a knife。Listen to the name,Really foreign。”Old Su surprised。
He is happy,Populus says it’s a good thing,That’s the sword。