“Is there trouble?I just heard my brother say,He will be there soon。I have asked myself to help,You know。The kind that can settle any trouble!”AhVSeems a little impatient to make this kind of unnutritious call,Speak fast。
“Ok!Nothing big,work on your businesses!”Lu Menglin hung up the phone with a smile。
It’s not a big deal?I almost punched out the dog’s brain,It’s nothing big?Huang Yuanshun’s eyes rounded when he heard him talking on the phone,I think this father and son are really the best of the best!
One is silly and bold,Dare to open any mouth,I want to get back the public money that was swallowed,One is not taking anything seriously,Does he think things in society are a joke??
Da Cai and Xiao Cai also heard Lu Menglin talking on the phone,Listening to him,Seems confident,It feels weird all of a sudden,I feel a little guilty。
Because this kid is too calm!
By comparison,What they would rather encounter is Lu Youshan’s stupid and bold,At least the behavior is still being predicted,Who knows what kind of monster this kid has?
“Lao Lu!Don’t blame me for not reminding you,You are in the south now,On our ground。The police will really come later,You may not have good fruit to eat。”Boss Cai smiled slightly。
Lu Youshan decided that he couldn’t let these people run away,Five-year rent,How come there are four to five million,How many workers are laid off in the factory,No salary,This half a million is for Liufang today,Definitely not a small number。
And this money,I can’t slip out of Lu Youshan’s fingers。
quickly,Lu Youshan’s big brother rang again。
Lu Menglin answered the phone,The voice of Wen Zixiong from Hong Kong Chaohui Company came from the big brother.。
“Lu Sheng,We have arrived。where are you?”
“I’m in the row of offices in the middle of the construction site,The third room in the middle。People are here。”Lu Menglin said calmly。