For a while,Quartet Yundong。
Tianfu Group Headquarters,Lobby on the first floor。
I stand in the corner,Watching Gao Qiang answer reporters’ questions in an orderly manner。
According to the previous agreement,Gao Qiang is in charge of things in front of the stage,I’ll take care of things behind the scenes。
We can’t both expose too much,Especially my divorce has not been settled,Easy to be off topic。
“Mr. Gao,Mr. Ge Jianhui, Executive Vice President of Gaoda Group, abandoning his wife and children in his stomach,What do you think?”A female reporter is full of malice。
“President Ge has sued for divorce,If your eyes are not blind and ears are not deaf,You should know who is at fault。”
Gao Qiang sneer:“As a regular media,Please have a bottom line for Southern Media。”
Female reporter sneered:“I think Gaoda Group has no bottom line,Scumbags can be executive vice presidents。”
“We have all recorded your words,Next we will sue Southern Media,Security guard,Let her go。”
Gao Qiang immediately turned to other media:“I believe that your media friends will not be as rubbish like her,I don’t know if it’s for my own benefit or to gain attention,Can actually say such words without a bottom line。”
“Friends from the media,Gaoda Group can treat me like this,Can treat you like this。Everyone can’t let it go!”Female reporter pushed away the security,Shout loudly。
Gao Qiang smiled:“Let her go,I will see what she wants today?Did Sapo roll and undress and tell me to be strong??”
Female reporter still has to talk,Many people in the media have ranted,Even swearing。