Many people cast envious eyes at Populus,Ten or twenty million!How many people struggle for a lifetime,It’s impossible to make so much money,They didn’t put much effort into it,Is already in the bag。
I haven’t heard what Hu Yang said,Federa has gone out,Don’t want to stay here anymore。first,He doesn’t have so much money to buy,Know it is impossible to have,No need to watch others here。Second come,He can’t guarantee,This golden mask can be sold at a higher price,One or two million euros,That’s a huge number。
Ou Quan,It’s already dead。
Hu Yang no longer cares about this person,Take Xiaoxiao、Ran Ran,And Hua Zai left this shop together。
Although they left,But the news that a golden mask worth ten to twenty million was found in this shop spread in Admiralty Antique City,The entire antique market instantly became lively。
Not to mention tens of millions of leaks,It’s millions,Enough to make them talk about it。
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Chapter four hundred and sixteen Bei Guang
The shop owner soon became the laughing stock of this antique city,in fact,People have long seen his business so hot,Already a bit unpleasant,this time,There must be someone gloating,After all, the peers are enemies!
however,Really bad luck,Still to come,Ou Quan hasn’t noticed it yet。
His actions,Be spread to the Internet,huge influence,Many people know him。Including his customers,And started to stop contacting this business。
even,Those friends in his circle of friends,I also feel that this product is a bit pretending。
Everyone is friends、Classmate,Install chicken feathers!before,Someone wanted to say,But in the face of this guy getting rich,Hard to say too much,Save others from saying that they are jealous and get rich,Just said that。
But now,About the video,Has been uploaded online,There is no fear。
Ou Quan’s only comfort,Is that Rolex said it would double the compensation。But even so,It’s less than 500,000!Compared to his loss,This can only be regarded as a little comfort。
Rolex PR immediately,Fake one loses two, this gimmick is publicized。