Wang Shuai said hello,When opening the glass door of the balcony,I heard Xiao Xiao say:“Can Chen Wenjin stay and chat??”
Wang Shuai glanced at Chen Wenjin,Smile helplessly。
He already understands,Xiao Xiao doesn’t want a person to be quiet,But a bit repelling his argument。
but,What reason is Xiao Xiao more willing to accept Chen Wenjin’s words??
Wang Shuai has questions about this,Chen Wenjin felt,Xiao Xiao was not Wang Shuai in the first place,I don’t necessarily plan to become Wang Shuai。
Wang Shuai went in,After closing the glass door,Xiao Xiao suddenly turned around,Watching Chen Wenjin say:“If life becomes more and more painful,If the future is such an intrigue,You said,Such a painful life,Why continue?”
“Because we all hate pain,Are not born for pain,and so,Even in pain,Will still stick to life,Persist in finding the way to a happy life。”Chen Wenjin thinks Xiao Xiao’s thoughts,Seems more negative than before,Even depressed。
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six If you lose, you will become enemies
“……To survive the pain,Find happiness?”Xiao Xiao was surprised by Chen Wenjin’s answer,She has heard many sayings,Also seen a lot,but,But I didn’t expect to hear such an answer。
Xiao Xiao was in a daze,Thinking,Can’t help but smile。“right,If you survive the pain,Can get back the previous、Do not,Or another happiness,Then full of expectations,Also has a strong motivation。”
“That’s it。”Chen Wenjin and Xiao Xiao touched the cup,She asked with a smile:“No need to drive today,Can drink two more glasses。”
“Then drink two more glasses。”Chen Wenjin went in and got a bottle of wine out,Listening to Xiao Xiao telling the process of comforting Xiao Cui just now。
Xiao Xiao’s mood calmed down a lot,Willing to take a more positive view of Xiaocui’s situation。“What Xiaocui meant,Seems to be breaking up with pierced ears。Amei and I actually feel that pierced ears are bad,All support her idea,I think,Next time Xiaocui meets a boy who likes her again,It must be better than pierced ears?and so,The current separation is equivalent to error correction,Should be a short-term pain,Long-term happiness。”
Chen Wenjin nodded,But did not speak,because,Error correction is not so easy to decide,He has limited knowledge of Xiaocui,Not sure if she is so decisive。
especially,Piercings are misfortune,Purely in terms of relationship,There is no question of principle to sorry Xiaocui,In this case, can Xiaocui cut decisively like a small fish?
Talking,Abao came over suddenly,Open the glass door and ask:“Did Jin Jin see the rose??”
“I’ve been out with Li Xiang for a while。”Chen Wenjin told the truth,Abao said with a smile:“Don’t bother you。”
Xiao Xiao watched the back of Abao closing the glass door and striding away,Shook the glass and said:“Today i think,There is a big difference between people and people,Pierced ears,Leopard,rose,Li Xiang……They actually subvert my past perceptions。Many things were completely unimaginable before,Have seen it recently,Sometimes I think I can understand them,Sometimes I feel completely incomprehensible。”