[Body cold can eat barley red bean lily lotus seed porridge]_Physique Deficiency_Can you eat

Indica rice itself is a relatively cold ingredient. If it is cold, why should you eat less rice? Because of the cold body, cold hands and feet are likely to cause coldness in the spleen and stomach.This problem of aggravating colds should be aggravated. In this regard, attention should be paid. As a person with a cold body, you should usually eat more foods that have a warming effect.

You can eat barley, red beans, lily and lotus seed porridge.

Jianmi Jianpi soaks, removes diarrhea.

Rice can be used to treat edema, athlete’s foot, unfavorable urination, restraint of dampness, spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

Red beans are flat, sweet and sour.

Red beans strengthen the spleen and relieve diarrhea, diuresis and swelling.

Barley Red Bean Soup is a very famous spleen dehumidity soup. People with cold body can drink it. Although barley is cold, its coldness is greatly reduced after continuous cooking. People with cold body need not worry.

Efficacy of indica red bean porridge (1) can effectively remove human moisture: most people now have relatively severe internal moisture due to improper diet and irregular schedules. Eating indica red bean porridge 1-2 times a week can effectively improve this.
(2) It can treat beriberi: The content of vitamin B in barley is very rich, and it is accompanied by red bean porridge, which has certain effects on the treatment of beriberi.

(3) It can improve the color of the human body: some skin is dull and dull, and it has a lot of acne acne and stains.
(4) Able to lower the fire and clear the fire: If it is on fire, and has a lot of fire and acne, then add some lily and lotus seeds to the rice and red bean porridge and cook together to quickly lower the fire.

(5) Ability to dissolve phlegm and cough: Barley red bean porridge can also be cooked with Sydney, which is very helpful for clearing the lungs and reducing phlegm and treating cough.

Consumption of barley red bean porridge and the effect of barley red bean porridge is indeed more powerful, but not everyone can eat it, and there are still many taboos in the process of eating.

(1) Pregnant women should not eat barley red bean porridge: We know that during pregnancy, women’s digestive organs will produce “displacement”, which will cause digestive disorders, and human moisture and toxins cannot be eliminated in time.Dehumidifying effect, but because of the cold nature of barley, pregnant women eat premature or even miscarriage caused by uterine contractions, which can be replaced by wolfberry and red bean porridge.

(2) People with gastrointestinal diseases should eat less: such as stomach ulcers or intestinal blockages, eating rice and red bean porridge will not digest well, causing physical discomfort.

(3) People with constipation should not eat too much barley red bean porridge: the same reason as above, poor digestion, will increase constipation.

(4) Do not increase the rice when making porridge: it will weaken the dehumidifying effect of barley.

(5) Do not eat barley red bean porridge for women during menstruation: it will aggravate palace cold and cause dysmenorrhea.