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Yogurt is a kind of dairy product with a small amount of lactic acid bacteria. It can help people adjust the function of insulin and make people healthier. Moreover, there are very few substitutes for yogurt. Generally, it will not produce impurities to the human body. Can I drink yogurt with a fever?

Especially in the case of children with colds and fevers, this is a question for many people. Let ‘s take a look at this issue and explain it briefly.

1. You can drink yoghurt when your child has a cold and fever, because yoghurt has the effect of regulating the stomach and intestines, and the child’s digestive system is very bad when they have a cold, so giving the child yogurt at this time can help the child improveDigestive system.

2, and when the child drinks a yogurt when the child has a cold, it is recommended to choose to use some probiotic yogurt for the child to eat. This kind of yogurt is very, very good for the body after eating, and can also improve the child’sThe body’s immunity.

3, and when the child has a fever, you need to give the child more foods such as vegetables and fruits, such as lettuce, spinach, citrus, etc. When the child has a cold, you need to drink more water for the child, give the child a drink of waterWhen to pay attention to the water temperature, you should also take a bath in time to treat the fever. If it is a severe fever, go to the hospital for treatment in time to prevent the disease from developing.

Note: The child’s temperature should be observed during the period. If the child’s temperature is very high, then the child should be treated with medication to reduce fever in time, and if the child’s temperature is 38.

If it is 5 degrees, you should take Merrill. For other cases, you can consult a professional doctor and medical institution.