Food has two sides to eat and weigh

Everything has two sides, and so is the food that is closely related to human survival. Therefore, eating the so-called “high nutritional value” food every day is not good for human health.

We treat the pros and cons of diet weight and consider the following.

  1, human physique medicine pays attention to the human body’s virtual, real, cold, hot, food also has the difference of cold, heat, warm, cool, such as pepper, longan is rich in nutrients, but its sexuality is hot, so people with hot physiqueEating will have a reaction.

  2, the nutritional content of food Modern nutrition research found that because the food contains different nutrients, the impact on human health is also different, such as radish, mushrooms have anti-cancer function, but the nitrate (carcinogenic nitrosamines)The amount of raw materials is also high, so eating too much is not beneficial to the human body.

Amaranth is rich in cellulose, chlorophyll, and vitamins. It is a nutrient-rich food, but amaranth is also easy to accumulate toxic substances in the soil during its growth.

  3, the work of food and some people say that eating more fish head makes people smart, this is because the fish head is rich in high-quality feces, protein and phospholipids; but the fish head contains lead, pesticides and other substances harmful to the human body is also high.

Some people do not eat egg yolk to prevent high blood lipids, but lecithin in egg yolk can be converted into a neurotransmitter – “acetylcholine”, which is essential for maintaining brain memory.

  4, food and disease shrimp, crab, mushrooms, beer and other diets, nutrition is very rich, but people suffering from gout can not eat, or can not eat more, otherwise it will cause gout attacks.

  5, the number of food Some people think that should eat more crude tea containing more fiber, but excessive food should be alert to malnutrition.

Some people do not dare to eat braised pork, which is believed to cause elevated blood lipids, but braised pork contains “good cholesterol”, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E, and even the skin is also a good food for beauty and hairdressing.Braised pork is good for health.

Please note that vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin C are essential for human metabolism and may be poisoned if excessive intake occurs.

  6, food processing methods vegetables, fish, meat processing improper, such as pickling, barbecue, can also produce carcinogens.

Spinach and tofu are nutritious home-cooked dishes, but the oxalic acid in the spinach affects the absorption of calcium in the tofu.

  7, changes in diet structure through the improvement of living standards, the two sides of food will also change, as in the 1950s and 1960s, corn, sorghum as a “low-end” food, and now these coarse grains have become “top grade.”

  In fact, everything in the world is related to human health and has two sides.

Today’s pesticides, the use of chemical fertilizers, pollution of air, soil and water, animals and plants are also difficult to harm, so it is not necessary to pay too much attention and picky.

  How to treat the two sides of food, this requires us to be unsuccessful in the choice of food, listen to the rumors, should pay attention to the following points: 1, suitable for their physical fitness, the property of the food is cold, is hot.

For example, people with a hot body should not eat thick and spicy foods.

  2, to limit certain foods even if the nutritional value is high, can not eat for a long time, in order to prevent its “unfavorable” ingredients accumulation and even chronic poisoning, such as almonds rich in nutrients, containing the amygdalin after digestion and decomposition to produce hydrocyanic acid and benzeneFormaldehyde has certain benefits for cancer and cancer, but hydrogen naphthalene inhibits cellular respiration, so almonds cannot be eaten in large quantities for a long time.

Jujube can strengthen the spleen and stomach and increase appetite, but it will eat too much for a long time. Instead, it will help to reduce heat and cause appetite.

Pickled pickles, soy sauce and other foods contain nitrate salts, long-term eating is not good for health.

  3, pay attention to processing methods Some foods such as puffer fish meat tender taste, but its ovary, liver, blood is highly toxic; pineapple is sweet and juicy, nutritious, but contains serotonin, bromelain can cause headache, abdominal pain, allergic reactionsWait, if you immerse in salt water for half an hour after slicing, you can achieve the purpose of preventing allergies.