Nail has ridges, dry mouth and bad breath, calf cramps. The body has these performances, indicating liver problems

In life, our limbs sometimes have this feeling: the upper right abdomen is sore, the right back is sore, the right shoulder feels sour, hemp, pain, and even the right hand can’t lift it. The calf is easy to cramp at night, and there are ridges on the nail.A series of problems such as early dry mouth and bad breath, often repeated attacks, how is not good, many people do not care.

In fact, this is a manifestation of a problem with the liver.

What happens to our body when there is a problem with the liver: 1.

The liver has a front side and a back side.

If the front is hardened, swollen, it will squeeze into our intercostal nerves, and the intercostal nerves will be painful; if it is behind, it will cause sore right back.


The liver is not good, the quality of sleep at night will be bad, it is not easy to fall asleep when it is turned over and over; after getting up, the mouth is dry, the mouth is bitter, bad breath, and the gums will bleed when brushing your teeth.

Usually, there is no interest in food. If you don’t eat or hungry, you will feel full when you eat a little. Walking a two-step calf will be very sour. It will feel more and more tired, and your hands and feet will become less and less powerful.


People with bad livers will often twist their feet, and they will not be able to twist them. If they are cut, they will not heal easily.


Friends who like to drink, suddenly reduced the amount of alcohol.

Or there is a long-lasting skin disease, and it’s a good time to go back and forth. It’s all liver problems.

The liver has a toxin performance: 1.

The surface of the nail has a concave ridge line or is recessed downward.

Chinese medicine believes that “the main ribs of the liver” and nails are part of the “ribs”, so when the toxins accumulate in the liver, there will be obvious signals on the nails.



The mammary gland appears hyperplasia, and the pain of the premature breast is significantly increased.

The mammary gland belongs to the fortress on the route of the liver. Once there is a “poison” in the liver, the hyperplasia of the mammary gland will occur immediately, especially when the menstrual blood is about to be discharged, it will become painful due to the filling of the blood.


Emotions are prone to depression.

The liver is an organ that metabolizes emotions in the body. Once the poison in the liver cannot be discharged in time, the operation of dual gas will produce obvious adverse emotions.


Migraine, double acne on the face, followed by dysmenorrhea.

The cheekbones and lower abdomen of the face are the “one-acre three-point land” of the liver and its partner bile. Once the liver is detoxified, the backyard will catch fire.



How to detoxify more smoothly?


Eat cyan food according to the theory of Chinese medicine five elements, cyan food can reach the liver, which is a good way to evacuate the liver, relieve depression, relieve emotional effects, is a food to help the liver detoxification.

Chinese medicine experts recommend cyan orange or lemon, and even the skin constitutes green orange juice or lime water, just put it directly.


To improve liver tolerance, in addition to detoxification, it should also enhance the liver’s ability to resist toxins.

This kind of food is the first to promote sputum, which has a good function of protecting the liver and can improve the tolerance of the liver to toxins.

It is best to chew when eating, and eat a small amount every day.


Injecting the liver to detoxification points This refers to the Taichong point, which is located in the depression of the first part of the foot and the joint of the second metatarsal joint.Press 揉 3 with your thumb?
5 minutes, I feel a slight soreness.

Don’t use too much effort, alternating your feet.


The tear detoxification method is longer than the man who never cries, and the life of the woman is prolonged. This cannot be said to be related to tears.

Traditional Chinese medicine has already had this understanding, and it has also been confirmed by Western medicine.

As tears in the excretory fluid, like sweat and urine, there are some biochemical toxins that are harmful to the body.

Therefore, when you are uncomfortable, when you are wronged, you will simply cry when you are depressed.