Replace it is more than ten years ago,Dedication is definitely not dare to reverse,Will pass the process,even……Devotency,Still“die”Above。
But these more than ten years of torture,Already confessive,I think I can go out,Dedication only feels that Wei’s no teeth are not so terrible.!
Dedication does not play what ghost idea,Horses the realism of the practice and the trick,Almost handed over to Chu Deirens——really,It also needs a monkey to assist the double repair,Come to practice。
Monkey is not,There is no meaning to practice,Just refer to it.,After convenient, it may communicate with the monkey.。
Chu Deiren came to the hole,Left and right look,Determine within the range you can see around,No giant, no,After that, I will jump again.。
The purpose of this Chu Deer,That is to explore the change of Emeishan monkey group.,Also for the five-Jedi Ground Palace in the original!
Therefore, the Chu Deirers are also in the heart.,Continuous warning——Be careful not only a monkey、Giant,More important is to be careful“people”……Especially be careful!
These monkeys of these monkeys,Indeed some creepy,but……At the same time, it is only in the scope of monkeys.“Smart and deceived”Yet。
If you change it to a person,Such IQ is not terrible at all,Only only in non-human body,The sense of crisis。
Compared to below,“under”There may be a truly terrible woman——Xiao Wei!(Not an object,Is anti-harmony。)
One of the top ten wicked people,Nickname“Dead people do not pay”……
Compared to other nine big evil people,Xiao Wei may be more dangerous、Maybe safer。
Safe,Slightly some powerful people in the rivers and lakes,But if you can open the five five five five、Even slightly,As long as you don’t have a power,Xiao Wei is very small, you must kill anyone。
This is different from other big evil people——Changed to other big worships,Even if strength is better than they,They also have a big way,Can be weak。
And for the unaware of the gap,Xiao Xing relatively safe,most……It is seduce!
If the strength gap is too large,Easy to be grabbed by Xiao、Even when a dog,However, as long as the strength gap is not large、Or anti-Sheng Xiao,That is just to be“Take advantage of”。
This is from Xiao’s martial arts road,I can see it.。
Xue Muhua, a teacher with Chu Deirers.——Xue Muhua is cured a person,Take another two hands,And Xiao Wei is an exploration of every good friend.,I have to learn two hands with him.……
So they have a lot of efforts!
The reason why Xiao Xiao will become a top ten wicked people.,One thing is because she is not as good as the person,Will use forced means to pick up,And the stool is too high,Even the small fish is turned by her group,Even if she knows she is Xiao Wei、Know that she is playing,Also can’t help but;
This is coming……
Said Xiao Xian is one of the top ten wicked people.,Who will oppose?
Who dares to oppose,I am afraid that I have to be worried about my wife.“Why are you?”……
So there will be no men against her is a top ten wicked people.,Women will hate her naturally.。
If it is just a general beauty,Chu Deirers feel that with their own heart,Certainly not,But Xiao Xian’s charmetery,Have arrived“Skillful”Degree,Even the small fish can’t help but,So the Chu Deirers also carefully。
Although the Chu Deirers have their own martial arts,Xiao Xian even decisive to himself,I can’t cause what actual injury,but……
Think of yourself is also a bloody guy,What I have to have to be cheaper.?
Heroes are outside,Also protect yourself!
Before jumping,Chu Deirers have silently do psychological construction——from now on,What kind of scene will not be、What kind of woman is,The other party must be Xiao Wei,Be sure to seduce your green tea,You must never hook!
at the same time,Pity star found iron,And learned from her mouth……
Chapter 53 Sure enough is you
This bottle is really not small.,Below“Bottle”Also broad,Some of the mean,But today is not big here.……
“Turtle son!p!‘Beige’Your cactus board!”Chu deer angry anger,Output on the monkeys in front of the monkey。
Discover most monkey groups,Say yourself in yourself、And when making a monkey,Also afraid to escape——Obviously these monkeys,Nor is it separated from the world!
But just in Chu Deirers,After scaring a group of little monkeys,Not long after a heavy footsteps came。