On the way back to Xiping Village,Ma Yan suddenly asked Xia Jian:“We get the certificate today,I found that Mayor Tong was not happy,She seems to be lost,You talk,Is there something between you?”
Ma Yan’s question is a bit sharp,But Xia Jian’s response was very fast。He laughed and said:“I got married,Many lost women,She is not Tong Jie”
“Stinky go you!”Ma Yan gave Xia Jian a little helplessly。
Parked the car at the entrance of the village,Xia Jian went home with Ma Yan。Yard,Xia Zecheng is serving some potted flowers he raised,And Sun Yuejuan didn’t know where he went。
“dad!I got the marriage certificate with Ma Yan this afternoon。you’re right,Marriage does not have to be on May 1st,So i decided,Another week,I’m done with my business,Ma Yan and I had the wedding。
“What are you talking about?I got my marriage certificate this afternoon?Don’t let us know about such a big event,I let your mother prepare well,Let’s all have fun together!”Xia Zecheng is so happy,He wiped both hands on the clothes,I won the marriage certificate from Xia Jian。
The old man held his marriage certificate and watched it for a long time,Then he took a breath and said:“You’re right,We have been looking forward to this day for too long”
“You sit,I’ll go find your mother”Xia Zecheng finished,Turn around and run,Happy like a child。
Ma Yan looked at Xia Jian and said:“Is it only your parents in your heart?”
“Oh!We will go to your house,But I didn’t prepare any gifts!”Xia Jian said,Deliberately spread his hands。
Ma Yan said with a cold smile:“forget it!You have this heart,What gift to bring,All become a family”
“Correct!From now on,We are one family。Of course,I’m rather sloppy,Some things are not well done,But you have to remind me。If you don’t say,That went wrong,But it’s our personal responsibility,You can’t shirk this”Xia Jian put a cover on Ma Yan on purpose。
But Ma Yan doesn’t like his。Ma Yan’s eyes widened and roared:“You are too selfish,Can you remember your parents,Should remember my parents。You are the only child,And i’m the only daughter,As delicate as you”
“You’re very delicate, grandma!Let’s go to your house!”Xia Jian was joking,Took Ma Yan and went to her house。
Ma Yan’s father is not here,Went out to do business again。Ma Yan’s mother alone is cleaning the yard。She saw Ma Yan and Xia Jian came together,Ma Yan’s mother has a smile on her face,She smiled and said:“Listening to Yanyan that you are very busy,How come you have time today!”
“Today, Ma Yan and I did an important thing。Or for Ma Yan,I will work for you”Xia Jian said,He took away the broom in Ma Yan’s mother’s hand,Cleaned up the hygiene in the yard。
Ma Yan saw that Xia Jian was so diligent,I feel happy。She smiled and said:“Xia Jian and I got our marriage certificate today。Xia Jian said,We’ll get married in a few days”