“The little girl has a few days.。”Zhou Yilu saw Chu Deirers,Some people say。
Because of the name of Emei, I haven’t added Zhengzhou yet.,Just when Nan Shaolin,Because Zhou Yulu and the Chu Dee people have more contact,So being misunderstood by many people,Sincere……Zhou Yulu in Xu Wen,I didn’t have any preferential treatment at the beginning,Just the same as the handheld door。
Until a few days ago,Only took the previous head.,Emei,Change to the extent to which the general allies are more preferential。
“Also, I will thank you and the care of the big brother and the gas.,若 and Emei disciples,They must be remembered。”Zhou Yu said that it is still a red。
She is coming to her name.……
Although the Chu Deirers don’t know,How to take care of Zhou Yulu,But still:“Shouldful、Shouldful,What needs to be needed。”
After that, the Chu Deirers remembered the things of heaven swords.,Also actively supplement a sentence:“Eye day……”
Chu Deirers did not notice,Zhou Yu Ruo’s look slightly,Just then:“I have already have a clue,Don’t worry。”
Zhou Yuwen Wen Yan,After that, he said.:“Not urgent……I mean,Chu Da Ge can be placed,Xiaomei is already grateful。”
Chu Deirers also always feel,Zhou Yulu seems to be weird,Then I suddenly realized what?……
“Heroes island,If you don’t worry too much,Take a thing!I will definitely take you back together.。”Chu Deer estimation,Zhou Yilu is worried about the Heroes Island。
Zhou Yuli heard the words but the eyes were ignorant,Low head:“If you naturally believe in Chu Da Ge!”Then secretly bit the lips:“I will disturb first.,Sister、The teachers are also waiting for me to go back.。”
See Zhou Yuli rush,On the side, you have to turn over the sky.,Demonstrate:“When did you find the clue of the heavenly sword??”
Before the Chu Deirers also trust her investigation,Zhou Yulu is in the way to the south,Lost things that heaven,Huang Rong is not finding something,What is the clue of Chu Deirers??
I can’t think of you.,Whitening,Also dyed, seeing a beautiful woman, bragging the problem?
“Just discovered,I have seen the flow cloud just now.,he told me……The Dragon Sword is also lost.。”Chu Deirers said the clues。
Huang Rong:……
It really is“Some clues”!
after all“Wulin Supreme,Baodao Dragon Slayer,I can’t stand it.,Who is fighting”,Etienca and Dragon Strute in the rumors of the rivers and lakes,This is a pair of children。
Never say,Chu Deirers also said with Huang Rong,Real secret about the sword!
Many people in the rivers and lakes also guess,I will not be placed together in the Tianshi and the Dragon Sword,Can solve the secret——After all, the soldiers on the rivers and lakes,But this knife is a sword is closely related.、There is also a rumor matching。
“Dragon Sherridge is lost”and“Ying Tianjian lost”,Can’t say that there is a direct connection,But it is not unable to coherence。
This is your clue?
Huang Rong wants to spit……
But immediately,Huang Rong thought more,If there is a referredent:“At that time, when he was lost.,There are many rumors in the rivers and lakes.,It is the South Shaolin to make up the sky sword and the dragon knife.。”
Chu Deirers looked at Huang Rong——Who said rumors,Let’s still know?What do you do??
“If the Eye Sword is not lost,But can also speak,It is the Emei School I want to make a dragon knife and the heavenly sword.。”Huang Rong said on logical。
Chu Deirers still don’t understand,Still:“What is this rumor??And you can’t speak,Because Xiao Zhao is now judged,It is very likely to come to the red towel army to steal the Dragon Sword……”
Chu Deirers explained Huang Rong,Before the flow cloud tells him。
“Which red towel army will lead?”Huang Rong asked,I found that the Chu Deiren is very chest.。
I finally have a Chu Deirers to understand、And the problem also considered before!
“I have let the clouds make it back to Xiao Zhaowei.!”Chu Deiren said high。
Huang Rong wanted to take a mouth,But in the end, I still have no heart.,So praise a sentence:“It is a big brother……”
Chapter 942 Test
night,Xiaohong fly back,And brought back the name of the righteous army to Xu Wen and Ming Education。
Chu Dee people look at it carefully,Did not find anything,I gave Huang Rong——Chu Deirers just have sure it,Is there anything in the top of the rivers and lakes?。
After all, stealing the dragon knife.,Should not be a simple righteous army!
If one side makes it、On the side, I also believe that a knife will be the world.,That’s unhappy。