“Just call my name。”
“Thanks handsome guy。”Yang Zimei happily accepted the money,Waiting for an empty taxi on the side of the road,Sit up and go。
Wang Shuai watched the taxi drive away,Immediately laughed,It’s funny after holding back for so long,Wantonly catharsis……
Laughed like this for a while,Wang Shuai saw Chen Wen not smiling today,Can’t help but frown:“Such a silly pair,Not funny enough?”
“Sympathize with her,Can’t laugh。”Chen Wenjin knows that Yang Zimei wants too little,Wang Shuai’s expectation is at least several times higher,Yang Zimei can do things!
Qiangwei does one thing for Wang Shuai,I took 30,000,Yang Zimei’s quotation is almost as free as a gift to Wang Shuai。
Oh,In the future, I will probably give it to my girlfriend for free。
“What sympathy is this?She still can’t figure it out,After a few years of learning to be smart, you won’t have such a big advantage。But I really don’t know what Yang Zimei thinks,What you do is not honest,But consider the problem with honest thinking。Li Xiangwei’s style of being a picture although I don’t like it,But she can at least carry it,Squeeze,No one knows tomorrow、Then she won’t wait for tomorrow。Yang Zimei is so confused,It’s really free!But there is an advantage to her being so cheap,I’m not willing to send it to my dad,When the Justice League punishes evil,Beauty is an essential link,No worries about not having her on the court。”Wang Shuai said,Pick up the wine glass,Exclaimed:“If Qiangwei is a little more honest、A little bit of atmosphere,I don’t have to send it to work for my dad。”
“rare,You will not be willing。”Chen Wenjin thought that Yang Zimei had been doing work for Wang Shuai,Then I don’t know how long Wang Shuai will take advantage of it.。
but……Anyway, it’s better than when I was called by the director。
Director and Wang Shuai’s confidence is too different,Directors even try their best,I can’t give Wang Shuai disapprovingly promised treatment,Really not in the same order of magnitude,No comparability。
“Qiangwei’s ability is really nothing to say,I wanted to keep her by my side。But she is not loyal to me,She could promise to cheat with Li Xiang and Abao,There must be a second time of dishonesty,I can’t predict if I will be miserable next time!and so,I’m not willing and can’t stay,Must be sent to my dad for further study,There she will be deeply educated by ruthless old men,To shed the last immature at the price of bruises,Become a face similar to other tools driven by my dad。”
Wang Shuai even brazenly sighed:“Life,There is so much helplessness!The Qiangwei who wants to stay with me the most is going to give my dad,It’s Yang Zimei that doesn’t find any place to break through the iron shoes.。Now that the matter is over,If Prince Huang Mao is really fine,,The game of pretending to be poor should be over,Qiangwei has been working hard to pretend to be virtuous recently,Should let her go,Then send her into a harder hellfire,She will miss this time from now on?Because it’s much simpler,Also much easier。”
Wang Shuai watched Chen Wenjin’s silence,She frowned and scolded him:“You are so cruel and ruthless!Seeing Yang Zimei like this,Don’t say rescue her!”
“I know you shameless,But you should always order meat?”Chen Wenjin said irritably:“The current choice is what she thinks of salvation for Yang Zimei,I stretched out her hand and she didn’t need me to pull it,How can i save?Forcibly declare unilaterally that my ideas are the truth,She must throw away her ideas and accept my justice?”
“How complicated!You are not bad,She’s so cheap again,You can raise her up!”Wang Shuai hates iron and steel’s proposal。
just,Why did he actively throw away the big bargain he just picked up?
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Four Really not drunk,Really……