This kind of Walkman is very popular in the market,The price is of course expensive,And Liufang can’t buy it,You have to go to the big shopping malls in the provincial capital,Not to mention the Japanese brand。
I didn’t expect Lu Menglin to give such a valuable thing,Su Xuehen shook his head,Tao:“I can’t accept this。”
“Is this brand not easy to use?”Lu Menglin stunned。
He sometimes appears dull in spending money,Because I can’t tell,Some things are not valuable in later life,But in 1998,But an expensive luxury。
And experienced the inflation of later generations,A few hundred dollars in Lu Menglin’s hands is not money at all,It’s just a meal。
“This is too expensive,I can’t accept it。”Although Su Xuehen also likes the style and workmanship of this Walkman,But a good tutor made her subconsciously reject such gifts。
Lu Menglin thought for a while,Also understand,I and Su Xuehen are just friends at the same table,And didn’t set any more intimate names,And she has a part,I definitely won’t accept this kind of gift。
“I bought them anyway,How about this,I just put it in the desk,We use it together。It should work!”Lu Menglin adapts,I immediately thought of a flexible technique。
“Ok。”Su Xuehen probably didn’t want to make the relationship between the two too rigid,I just agreed。
quickly,The class bell rang。
This class is said to be the most boring politics class of the year,Come to school early in the morning,It turns out that the first class is politics,And it’s the old man who can only read the textbooks in class,Everyone is listless。
Anyway, this old man is also a Buddhist teacher,Just read his scripture,I don’t pay much attention to the students below,So I started speaking for a while,The students below started performing various routines。
Some just took out the math homework book,Take advantage of the opportunity of political class to make up the unfinished homework last night。