[Can confinement eat panax notoginseng]_ postpartum _ impact

Panax notoginseng is a Chinese medicinal material that is often eaten by people, and there is a non-negligible overlap in panax notoginseng, and there is another name for panax notoginseng, Jin Buhuai. It can be seen that there is some respect for panax notoginseng.

The maximum method for everyone to eat Panax notoginseng is to make Panax notoginseng powder to make Panax notoginseng powder, but when women confine, many Chinese medicinal materials cannot be eaten, otherwise it will affect the breastfeeding status, so confinementCan women eat panax notoginseng during the period?

The roots of Panax notoginseng are known as “ribs”, and the rhizomes are commonly referred to as “cut mouths”. Panax notoginseng powder is a common method of taking and has a long history.

If a pregnant woman loses too much blood during childbirth, resulting in weakness, she can eat cooked Panax notoginseng during confinement.

After the occurrence of hemorrhage, using Sanqi to replenish blood is the best, because Sanqi has the effect of stopping blood and removing blood stasis, and it can also improve the health of the pregnant woman.

There are basically no contraindications to taking Panax notoginseng. At the beginning of taking Panax notoginseng (excess amount), thirst and weak limbs often occur. Don’t worry that this is not a substitute for Panax notoginseng powder. This is due to the performance of Sanqi powder to promote blood circulation.Take or reduce the amount, usually disappear quickly.

Studies have shown that the effect of taking a small amount of panax notoginseng is better than taking a large amount. Don’t mistakenly think that the more you take, the better.

Use for general health, normal constitution 3-5 grams a day, take 2-3 times appropriate.

Sanqi powder can soften the residual scars, reduce, eliminate itching, pain, disintegrate the scar connective tissue, thereby eliminating various new and old scars that have formed, and at the same time, inhibit the growth and spread of scars.

The compound frying and dipping and external coating methods have a good effect on overcoming defect hyperplasia, itching and pain relief.

Organic Panax notoginseng refers to land where the quality of the ecological environment meets the required standards. In the production process, any chemical synthetic substance is used instead of production, processing, transportation, warehouse management and packaging in accordance with specific production operating procedures.

And confirmed by a special agency inspection.