Education is deep, promoting the spirit of the unselfish revolutionary revolution, guiding the party history of party members and cadres, talk about party history, use party history, draws forward the wisdom and effort. On the afternoon of November 17, the agricultural issuance of Tang County Branch organized all party members and cadres to Tangxian Bai Zhukuihua Hall to carry out the red gene, and the spiritual blood theme party.

Hall, everyone carefully listened to the perseverance to explain Bethune, Ke Xihua Huai Huai, the lofty communist ideal is far away, and participating in the Chinese people’s liberation of the business and fighting the glory of life; watching a lot of precious historical photos, literature information And the real thing, understanding the two international friends and the Chinese people, and saving the revolution of the wounded and hard work.

Bethune, Comrade Ke Yuhua, in the hard war environment, with the military and civilians, hard to have all the communities, and the communist attractions, and the unified communist beliefs.

The development of education work, with more high spirits, more excellent results to make new contributions to high quality development of the whole business. (Wang Xu) Editor: kJ005.