People’s Network Beijing April 29th (Yin Xingyun) On April 28th, the Beijing Yanqing District People’s Government, Beijing Agricultural College Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement Signing Ceremony and Yanqing District Chinese Hydraulic Material Standardization Construction Industry Forum was held in Yanqing.

Dozens of Chinese medicine research and development, experts scholars and high-end talents have come to Yanqing, with relevant departments of Yanqing District, representative enterprises in various townships, professional cooperatives and local horticultural industries, and plan to develop a plan for Yanqing’s Chinese herbal medicine standardization See us from the new development of gardening industry.

The standardization and construction industry for Chinese herbal medicines has invited four experts to invite four experts, respectively, with future development trends, urban agricultural potential industries. The topic of the standardization of the linkage, the development prospects of Chinese herbal medicines, etc. It is reported that Yanqing’s existing Chinese herbal medicine is mainly based on Huang Qi, Schisandra, Atractylodes, Slice, Total 29, with an area of ??more than 10,000 mu, distributed in 13 townships.

This proposal will explore the standardization construction of Chinese herbal medicines or will become another breakthrough in Yanqing’s modern horticulture industry. As the highlight of this event, the Yanqing District Government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Beijing Agricultural College, and the Beijing Vanilla Industrial Research Institute is also officially unveiled in delay. The two sides will focus on high quality resources, green development research, urban agricultural increase and talent training training, further play the international exchange, scientific research and innovation and university resources advantage, and explore the effective transformation of "two mountains" concept in Yanqing.

In the future, the two sides will use the Beijing Vanilla Industrial Research Institute as the first demonstration, and build Beijing Agricultural College as the Functional Ingredients Research and Quality Standard Development Center, in Yanqing District Jingzhuang Town is a new variety planting demonstration and production assessment center to Yanqing District Dazhuang Township is a key technology research and development and training base in the industrial, with the vanilla industry in the trade product exhibition and technology exchange platform, and promotes the new breakthrough in the development of horticultural industry.

Next, Yanqing District will accurately develop modern horticultural industries, deep cultivation, condense outstanding scientific research experts, professors, and promote local economic development, promote local economic development, promote local economic development, promote local economic development, promote local economic development, promote local economic development, promote local economic development, and promote farmers’ development. (Editor: Bao Cong Ying, Gaoxing).