Anti-counterfeiting 8 kinds can not lose weight diet

There are a variety of ways to lose weight on the Internet. Are they really as effective as they are circulating?

Today, we will come to fight fake.

Find those diets that are effective and actually not effective.

  Fighting fake!

8 kinds of weight loss methods of watching the horror film weight loss comment number: 237 people netizen voice: I was originally a courageous person, I didn’t even dare to go out at night, but in order to get rid of this fat, I must be myselfCruel.

Recently, I heard that online has always been popular with a method of “watching horror film to lose weight”. So, I bought a classic horror film “Midnight Ring”, which I watched alone in the middle of the night.

The whole film was not finished, I felt that I was squatting, cold sweats, and really a lot of toxins!

After being scared, I couldn’t sleep, and I felt a little hungry slowly, so I caught the biscuit and got into the quilt and ate it!

(from the original summer) anti-counterfeiting classroom: people who want to lose weight are best not to watch horror movies or tragedies, because this will make them become fatter.

  ”Slim Beauty”: Harvard psychologists have studied how different types of movies affect the amount of popcorn eaten by women. It turns out that when women lose weight watch horror movies or tragedies, they eat many times more than when they lose weight.Popcorn.

When watching the comedy, they did not significantly increase their food intake. Experts believe that this is because they are the result of “pressure is the amount of food”.

  The number of sulking weight loss comments: 258 netizens voice: My family is happy, work is smooth, the only shortcoming is my body, although my husband has never said anything because of my body, but I still hope that I become more beautiful.

Once on a webpage, I accidentally saw that I was sulking and could lose weight. I was like a wicked person. I was very obsessed with this method. When I had nothing to do, I found my husband and the people around me, always making a fuss, feeling sulking every time.It will affect a little appetite, and the whole person becomes restless and the body is properly active.

The mental consumption makes me feel bored with everything, I feel very annoyed about what I do, and my relationship with my husband has become tense. It is not worth the candle!

(from Yan Feifei) fake classroom: sulking from the surface can lose weight, but in fact it is fattening.

  ”Slim Beauty”: Because sulking gas itself will interfere with the internal secretion of the body, affecting people’s emotions, will cause great problems for the mind, easy to overeating.

Slowly develop, never lose weight, but will be fatter!

  Blowing balloons to lose weight comment number: 397 netizens voice: The favorite game in memory is to blow a balloon with a child, now I heard that this can also lose weight, I am very happy.

I bought a lot of balloons from the convenience store. According to the method, I blow 10 cigarettes a day. When I blow the balloon, I feel the abdominal muscles are tightening and the lung capacity is also increased. But just after blowing 2, I feel that I have no strength at all.Also can’t blow!

Even the things in my stomach seem to be exhausted at once, so hungry!

(from submarine) fake classroom: blowing 10 big balloons every day may have a certain effect on weight loss, but many people can’t do it.

I blow 10 small balloons every day, but I don’t use them at all.

  ”Slim Beauty”: You can also consider using a balloon blowing method to keep your innocence. If you use weight loss, it is a bit naive!

  Chewing gum weight loss comment number: 735 netizens voice: not only can enjoy the fresh fragrance and can lose weight, why not do this superb method?

Chewing gum 24 hours a day is a little difficult for me.

So, I seized the golden time of the day, chewed when I was working, chewed while walking, chewed when I went to the toilet. I seized the time that everything could be used, even my colleagues gave me the nickname “Gum”””.

After insisting for more than half a year, the chewing gum did not eat much, but my weight did not decrease at all, and the gang helped to bulge.

Depressed. (from stupid pigs) fake classroom: If you chew gum 24 hours a day, that is impossible.

If you always chew gum during the day, it is also very unsightly.

  ”Skinny”: often eat chewing gum, chewing muscles will become very developed, it may make you become a generous face!

At that time, you have to even lose weight, you may need to lose face.

  Hoop tooth weight loss comment number: 197 netizens voice: I was very excited when I saw the news about “Singer Zhu Hua Hooping, both beautiful and thinner” on the Internet!

This is a great opportunity for me to become a swan for my ugly duckling with a lot of slanting teeth and too much!

It takes 2 years to lose weight and 2 years in 2 years, and what is the long ugly ranking?

However, in the first few days, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t eat too much. I always felt very hungry and my stomach was empty!

(From the flower blowing snow) fake classroom: This will cause nutrient deficiency in the long run, and it will not be able to support the normal activities of the body. You may get a hospital visit at that time!

  ”Slim Beauty”: Hoops can generally be divided into two types, one is the upper row of hoops, the lower row of hoops, and the other is the upper and lower rows of hoops.

If you only hug the upper or lower row, it is of no use, but if you want to hug the upper and lower teeth, you can only eat a little something, which means you are starving and losing weight.And the cost of the hoop is very high, usually returning once in 28 days.

  Wear socks to lose weight Comments: 628 people netizen voice: Recently, the hot socks worn on the Internet is very popular from Japan. It is called the Japanese OL research: “As long as the feet are warm, you canPromote the blood circulation of the whole body and achieve the auspicious effect of burning the whole body.

How can you warm your feet?

The easiest way is to wear more socks.

Wear a pair of toe socks first, plus a pair of ordinary socks, you can wear a pair more in the winter, then you can sit at home and watch TV and sleep.

In this way, you can burn without any effort!

“How can such a simple lazy person realize that people are not heart-warming!”

I wore 3 pairs of socks, and I bought a shoe with a size of one for the thickness of the socks. I wear it during the day and wear it at night, but it doesn’t work for 2 months!

(From a transparent heart) fake classroom: This weight loss method is not based on science.

  ”Slim Beauty”: Burning adults must consume energy through exercise, and wearing socks will reduce energy consumption due to excessive warmth.

Therefore, not only will not lose weight, but also may make you become fatter!

  Rain in the line to lose weight comment number: 183 netizens voice: I like the feeling of rainy days, every time I look at a lot of boys without umbrellas in the rain feels free and easy, I want to try.

Listening to my friends saying that “the rain can lose weight”, I can’t wait to practice.

Walking in the rain really feels refreshing and comfortable, but I can’t see the slimming effect, but I have a fever and I am seriously ill.

(from Yu Yan) fake classroom: Rain can produce a lot of negative oxygen ions, air vitamins, so walking in the rain leads to regulating the nerves, eliminating tension, but never heard that it can also lose weight.

  ”Slim Beauty”: Eliminating depression and losing weight are two different concepts. It is recommended that you choose a weight loss method that will not hurt your body.

  熬通宵 weight loss comment number: 462 netizens voice: Like my net name, I am a super worm.

Since I know that Tong Tong can lose weight, I am even more crazy about the Internet. I often go to three or four nights a week. Every morning, I feel blue from the Internet cafe. I consume a night of energy, belly.Howling, so I had a full meal and then slept for a day.

After insisting for more than a month, I found myself becoming particularly prone to edema, a name that actually weighed a few pounds!

The skin has also become very bad, hehe. (from the online elves) fake classroom: whether it is clubbing or surfing the Internet, when you are exhausted in the morning, you will find yourself really thin.

But after you go back to sleep for a day, you may be fatter than the original.

  ”Slim Beauty”: Because you usually sleep after eating, sleep and eat again, this will inevitably lead to internal secretion confusion, not fat!

In addition, a 宵 宵 宵 宵 宵 宵 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了 做了