“I heard that she hits several men by herself without trouble,It can be laid down on the ground in three or two”Feng Yan said,Shrank and ran into the house。
Wang Youcai suddenly discovered,Snow is floating in the sky。He couldn’t help crying secretly,The snow here hasn’t finished yet,Why did you get off again?
Wang Youcai, who returned to the house, glanced at Feng Yan,I feel itchy again。Anyway, snowflakes are starting to float in the sky again,It’s not as good as a quilt。Thought of here,Wang Youcai stretched out his hand and hugged Feng Yan。
Feng Yan pushed him away and said:“Can you be a little serious?Hu Huiru asked you to come here to check,You always look everywhere,Someone will ask,You can do something in your heart。You can’t say you are sleeping with me!”
What Feng Yan said,It reminds Wang Youcai。Riding in the snow and not getting big,They can really go out and have a look。Otherwise wait for the heavy snow to fall,I can only rely on my feet anymore。
“Then you go with me,By the way,What else is needed on the construction site。Such as rice noodles,I can take it with me”Wang Youcai’s brain turned so fast,Got an idea right away。
Feng Yanbai glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Bring two bags of flour for Lao Li!And get him rice。In the west room,The key is in my coat。You move to the car first,I will set the clothes”
Wang Youcai responded,Find the key,Opened Westinghouse’s warehouse,Two bags of flour,Then he raised two catties of rice。Walked to the door,Wang Youcai went back and carried a bucket of ten kilograms of clean oil。He did,Naturally has its own intention。
Such a big project,How about reporting a few more bags of rice noodles?Actually, Lao Li told him Feng Yan gave away the cement last night。It’s not a big deal,How much is a ton of cement worth。But if the boss finds out about this,,Not nice。
Feng Yan is extremely good,She didn’t want to be caught by Wang Youcai’s pigtails on this matter。So Wang Youcai wanted to stay last night,She dare not say anything。
Wang Youcai pinched her seven inches,She can’t help but listen to Wang Youcai’s words。It’s just that Wang Youcai can do his best for him and Chen Jiu today。Feng Yan suddenly felt that Wang Youcai was not a rice bucket,At the crucial moment,Worthy of a man。
Feng Yan packed up,And lock all the doors,Locked the door again。Wang Youcai’s car stopped at her gate。Feng Yan smiled slightly,A little satisfied, he pulled the car door and got in。