Nan Ye now feels that things are getting more and more confusing。
He is the son of Nan。
About the humiliation of Lai Yunzi,The truth he learned is of course different from market rumors。
From Nan Ye’s point of view,Most of the dungeon matters are true。
But the tramp is wishing Minglang,This is a little weird。
“correct,When was the three of us enrolled?”Nan Ye asked suddenly。
“Early autumn。”Li Shaoying replied。
Calculate time,Zhu Minglang I saw when I entered school,And that time seems to coincide with Li Yunzi returning from Wutu to the Li family imperial court。
There is really a problem!
Why didn’t I think of this layer。
wrong,How could I think of this layer。
“Nan Ye,Why did you call that fairy sister Lingsha??”Li Shaoying suddenly remembered this,Questioned。