Sweet potato glutinous feed, can be operated like this, save time and taste better

[Introduction]: Many people will take the sweet potato to feed the poultry and livestock. In fact, before this, it can be handled as simple as this, so that the sweet potato can be preserved once.

Mentioned sweet potatoes, to ensure that everyone is very familiar, especially now, people are increasingly aware of natural health, sweet potato is a very popular health food.

There are also a lot of people who grow sweet potatoes. Every time there is a big harvest of sweet potatoes, there will be a lot of sweet potato in addition to the basket full of sweet potatoes.

Although sweet potato glutinous rice is generally not eaten, it contains a lot of protein.

It is very good to make it as a feed. It can be said that chickens, ducks and geese are particularly fond of eating.

In this case, using sweet potato as a feed can avoid waste.

In addition, it can save the cost of saving. It is really very good. Many farmers usually raise some poultry at home. It is really good to use the sweet potato to feed directly.

Some farmers directly dry the sweet potato, or grind them, and then use it as a feed. If they are exposed to the sun, this will cause their taste to deteriorate, and at the same time, the vitamins will be lost.

In fact, there are other processing methods for sweet potato, which not only has a good taste, but also has a very long time to save. Let me introduce it to you today.

First, the accumulation of fermentation first cut the sweet potato stalk into small pieces, about 2cm long.

In addition, mix some rice bran in it, mix it and put it in one place, then block it with wooden board.

Then spread a layer of rice bran on top and then cover the sack.

After a few hours, you can measure the temperature. It will take about the day before, and the temperature inside will reach 35 °C. At this time, you can open it and feed it.

After this treatment, there will be a lot of yeast inside, which can degrade some of the organic matter inside, making it easier for them to be absorbed by those livestock.

And after the treatment, the taste will become very good, very sweet and sour taste, especially popular.

If there are more, if you can’t eat so much, you can put the rest in the cylinder and seal it.

Second, the plastic bag seal collects the sweet potato stalks for a day, then cut into small pieces, and then put them into plastic bags.

The bag of the plastic bag should be sealed and then piled up in a place where it can be pressed with some heavy objects.

The purpose of this is to squeeze out the air inside the plastic bag, and then put it for a month, remember to remove some moldy parts at the edge when using it.

In this case, the fungus can be propagated inside and inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Third, the water is washed first and the sweet potato is washed and chopped, and then placed in a large water tank, to be placed more realistic, you can use your feet to step on.

When it is about 80% full, add water to the water, the water surface should be more than ten centimeters above the sweet potato, and then put the board and heavy objects on the tank.

It’s okay to go past four to six.

Although the water above will have some stinky, but the water above is removed, the feed below is good for pigs.