Rao is‘Doctors’And Gu Changfeng met the world,I was scared back again and again,Unconsciously even pulled out the gun。
The two gods are too tall,Head to the ceiling,Shrinked and shrunk at Li Tianzhen’s request,It’s finally like ordinary people,But the sharp armor always gives people a very hideous feeling。
The two gods carefully checked the instructor’s injury,A god man even turned into a streamer and penetrated the instructor’s forehead,Came out after a long time。
A series of processes brought Gu Changfeng and‘Doctors’Opened his mouth in surprise,I don’t know where to aim。
“It’s not too late,Curable。”The man who came out patted his chest to promise Li Tianzhi,And the other nodded,Li Tianzhi heard this,My tight nerves finally relaxed。
“Uh,Still need a strange medicine。”God man speaks and gasps,“The old palace owner once robbed the snow clam。”
This is simple,Although Li Tianzhen is so angry and funny,But still fast, the black scroll was turned around,I found a small colored medicine bottle and threw it to the opponent。
Chapter VIII Unknown punishment
‘Doctors’Hu Dehai can guarantee,This is the strangest he has ever seen in his life、Weird treatment,The instructor was treated as a doll,I was lifted upside down for a while,After a while, I was slammed with a potion and then beaten continuously by the gods,Especially when slap the top of the head,That loud voice scares me to death,Lao Hu is worried that this method of shooting will slap the instructor’s head.,I almost rushed up several times,But was firmly held by Gu Changfeng。
Old Gu is also nervous,But more attention is paid to Li Tianzhi,He regrets letting this guy come to heal the instructor,The original trust is not reliable,Once something goes wrong,He and Hu Dehai can’t control each other at all,So I held the pistol tightly with the other hand in my trouser pocket,Really what happened to his grandma,He jumped first Li Tianzhi。
At this time, Li Tianzhen stood still,Looks indifferent,Actually quite nervous,For the first time working with the guys in the Flame Palace,I really don’t know if it’s reliable,He also regretted suddenly,It should be safer to be the first to experiment with Shengguangda,Although this mentality is not right,But I was a little excited just now,Now they are halfway through,It’s too late to stop。
Time passes by,All three are sweating profusely,Until the two gods stop,The instructor opened his mouth and vomited,The dull and freezing atmosphere in the ward was broken。
“how about it?”Gu Changfeng and Li Tianzhi almost spoke in unison。
“Nothing serious,Rest for a few days and heal,I used my magical powers to remove the stigma of that servant,I’m afraid I disturbed this guy。”The name of the god who is good at spiritual supernatural power calls Qi Yun,Is a human demigod,Don’t think he’s just a half god,But the research in the field of mental power is quite in-depth,Li Tianzhu talked to him several times beforehand,Unexpected is not bragging。
As for disturbing Kampot,Li Tianzhen is not worried at all,I’m worried about how to dig out this servant,This will save trouble,I’m afraid he won’t come。
“Can this imprint of spiritual consciousness be captured??Or reverse tracking?”
“To remove it is to destroy the brand,Unable to capture。”Qi Yun shook his head,But suddenly he slapped his forehead and praised,“The new master is really smart,A certain family did not expect,Reverse tracking can try,But this one has been ruined。”
“No problem,We will make a decision after we discuss,Two hard work,Take a break。”