As for the so-called solitary sword,But it is a part of the routine of the sword.,For Chu Deirers,Already have no difficulty。
Chu Deirers are separated from swordsman,Seeing yourself and looking at yourself。
Chu Deirers have no bottom,However, I also want to wake up this Swordsman.,So:“I will first organize it.,But try to try the best state!”
The big car is nodded.,Did not urge the meaning of Chu Deirens,Just look at him, look forward to him。
Seeing that the sky has also been dark,Chu Deirers are cultivating a night,Get up early,Continue to the income of the tire before,I stepped up,Pick up the wooden sword……
Originally closed eyes,Immediately see Chu Deer。
I saw that the Chu Deman did not move.,But a sword,But broke out from him!
at the same time,The original fierce and silence,At this time, it gradually twisted.,It seems to be a solitary life already。
The big sculptures should be kept quiet at this time.,But I can’t help but leave.、Plenty,It seems to be a Chu Deirers、For the alone!
The pain of the different 异 蛟,Gradually calm down,Turn and continue with calm and fierce eyes,Gaze。
Chu Deirers also feel,Own sword……Still inevitably bring swords and swords,Continiment with the resonance of the seniors,Gradually weakened!
At first, the Chu Dee people used merits.,Also able to make up for some,but……After all, it is still the same!
Gradually large sculptures have also seen failures,Lost stopped,Prace your head,Exposed Mediterranean, who has a sarcoma。
Chu Deirers are also lost,However, it is the location of the solitary predecessors.,After thinking……
“Brother,I still have a way,Can try it for a try,Although not a sword,But maybe it can make the solitary prediments,Woke up from the fake death。”Chu Deirers said to the big sculpture。
Big carvina is disappointed,It’s still very trustworthy——I didn’t mind, he flicked himself.。
And Chu Dee,Going to the location of the belly with the alone。
Then ignore the twist,One hand is placed on top,Chu Deiren closed his eyes,Enter the state of the tire!
Be right,It is difficult to comprehend the sword road that is alone.,But now the focus,It is a false state that wakes up alone.,So……Not necessarily, only this kind of way to think before you lose。
Chu Deiren“Taoine release bad”,I have already cultivated it.“Second Er”Bottleneck,Preparing to find people。
Means of,The Chu Deirers are moving at this time.!
If you are boarding the tires to the resolve for the predecessors,To help him,It should also be awakened。
District“Second Er”,It will be able to resolve the dead end of the alone who is defeated.,I believe this kind of robbery is not able to break through.!
Induction,Chu Deirers will pass the tire,Boarding is on the alone——If not the other party is in a fake state,This is obviously impossible to succeed。
Even if you die,The second floor of the district is divided into,In the unsecured swords of solitude,There is also a feeling of thousands of knives.。
Fortunately, Chu Deiren bite his teeth,Still succeeded!
I saw that I was crazy about my crazy.,at the same time……Panic in the eyes,Before you win,The big sculpture is also looking forward to it again.。
Chu Deirers’ thoughts are right,It is indeed awakened!
And when you are boarding before Azu,Need you guide different。
Now yourself,Just awaken some subconscious you have lost defeat.,Then I became a sense of solitude.,To take over the tire to further wake up itself。
In this process,Chu Deirers are more intuitive,Accompired the sword will……