The more furious,Hu Yang and others feel the bigger the problem。
The audience in the live broadcast room can also see that,This person is tricky,It’s not as simple as family members!
At this moment,That guy’s phone rang。I saw him take it out and took a look,Is WeChat message。
Others can’t see clearly,Hu Yang glanced at it,Surprised,Grab the phone immediately,Kick this guy out two meters away。
This move,Stunned everyone in an instant。
No one thought,Brother Hu would be so violent,In my memory,Brother Hu is reasonable、Love to make friends、Easy to get along with、Good-tempered person,How could it suddenly hurt people?
“Hu Ge……”Hua Zi immediately spoke。
Hu Yang interrupted him:“Call the police immediately,This guy abducts children。”
The man covered his chest:“I do not have,Kid you are dead,you……”
“No,What’s going on with this message?”
Wen Wenhao came over to take a look,Immediately angry,Walking over is another kick,Then subdued him,Don’t let him run away。
Others also glanced,The message was sent by someone who labeled Brother Wolf,Ask him if he is done,Hurry up and bring the kids back。How is the child’s leg?If the injury is too serious,Don’t treat,After amputation, it is better to make money。
The audience in the live room passes the camera,See this message,All blown up。
originally,Other people in the clinic,I think this young man is too hot,Too unreasonable,Hit someone if they don’t agree,Very unreasonable。
but,See this situation,All started cursing。
An old man who took his granddaughter to see a doctor,So angry that I took off my shoes,Hit that guy’s face hard。
The guy with the sharp-mouthed monkey gill saw that it was the phone message that caused the problem,Suddenly pale,I don’t know how to defend myself。
As soon as that information comes out,Everyone knows,This little girl was raised by a kidnapping group to make money。This kind of thing,Everyone has seen it on the news before,It is said that,Some disabled beggars on the street,They control。
This kind of person deserves death,Cruel to the point of inhumane。