“Sister Xibei,Do you think so too,You know how hot i was,I was thinking,How can I run into anyone。”Jiang Yan think about her mood at the time,Can’t help but want to laugh。
“Were you thinking,It’s unlucky to meet him。”Qin Xibei couldn’t help but asked with a smile。
“Yes,And I also said,People like him,If it wasn’t any woman who was blind,Won’t like him。”Jiang Yan said,My face suddenly turned red。
Isn’t this telling me that I am blind??
“Haha,Sister Yanyan,You are so funny,”Qin Xibei laughed,Holding one’s face,Laughed too much today,Afraid of wrinkles。
“Sister Xibei,You still laugh at me,I won’t talk to you。”Deputy Commissioner Jiang Yan
The pathetic look of Qu Baba,Pouting to show resistance。
“did not expect,Our CEO also has this side。”Looking at Jiang Yan,Qin Xibei liked it so much。
“Sister Xibei,You laugh at me again,Actually I was infected by him,I never did this before。”Jiang Yan said aggrieved。
“It’s okay,so cute,Also very close。”Qin Xibei praised。
“Faster,Then tell me,I really want to hear about your next development。”Seeing Jiang Yan was not talking,Qin Xibei couldn’t wait to ask。
“Next,Nothing,When he took the IOU to my company,And said it was my husband,Can imagine,How broken i was,But there is no way,For the elderly……”Jiang Yan said with a bitter smile。
“and so,You are married?”Qin Xibei continued to ask。
“What else can I do,For grandpa,I can only compromise,I was thinking,I never thought about getting married anyway,Didn’t plan to find a boyfriend。
Everyone is the same to me,Besides, Grandpa likes him so much,Then end it,I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau the next day。”Jiang Yan shook her head again,Said with a smile。
“You are better than me at this point,I was also because of grandpa**,That’s why I ran away from home,Ten years away。”Qin Xibei said with a wry smile。
“what?Actually sometimes,The old man is quite accurate。”Jiang Yan said shyly。
“so,You have accepted your husband completely now?”Qin Xibei chuckled。