The old man was taken aback,Silence for a moment,Glanced at the line on the red carpet,Then smiled bitterly:“It seems,I’m not the one you are waiting for。”
“Fate,Just speak,It was originally no fate,And because of this,I’m not picking customers,But really can’t help you,Give you a free piece of advice,The next half month,Eat and drink,Don’t regret。”Bai Ze waved his hand,A piece of advice,It’s also benevolent。
The old man was stunned,The originally tough body collapsed slightly in an instant,He beckoned weakly to the bodyguard holding the cane beside him,Took the crutches。
“It seems,I am really blind……Two little masters,Lao Chan apologizes for the previous rudeness,I hope I can invite the two little masters to have a table of tea,I hope I’ll give my face。”The old man bows again,Very sincere attitude。
“Watch you play half a day,I’m a bit hungry,Just give you this chance。”Bai Ze thought for a while,Close immediately,And Zhao Feng followed the old man into the car……
In the car,Zhao Feng is a little restless,It’s the first time he rides in such a luxurious car,The old man was obviously to please Bai Ze,He comes too,Inevitably appear uncomfortable。
“Little Master,What you mean,It means that something will happen within half a month,Don’t know……”The old man asked tentatively。
“Don’t have to test me,The life of your Linghu Gong,Mixed good and evil,All in my eyes,I don’t like to judge others’ lives,But your life is destined to end in half a month,But you can rest assured,You won’t die by accident,You can relax and enjoy the remaining half a month of life。”Bai Ze speaks directly,The old man didn’t seem too lost。
“The little master even knows the old man’s name,I must also know the situation of Linghu’s family……in fact,The old knows that there is not much time,I just want to die before,Solve some hidden dangers within the family,The old man is waiting for a heir to return,But can he come back,Still unknown……”The old man Linghu Bow sighed,I have already seen life and death in my heart。
“Seven Famous Doors,It’s no wonder you take so much effort……Zhao Feng,You don’t know what the seven famous doors are?”Bai Ze smiled,But didn’t answer Linghu Gong directly,Turn to talk to Zhao Feng next to him。
“A famous family with a long history?”Zhao Feng does not know,Can only be understood literally。
“Although this statement is correct,But obviously it is not enough,I don’t know when it started,Major domestic families,Based on financial resources,Divide into four levels,bottom up,New Clan、Tribe、Big family and famous,As the name suggests,The new family is the new potential family,Although it is the end of the class,But at least each city’s economic and financial resources must rank first in the local area to qualify for it.。”
“Tribe,Refers to the family with the highest economic strength of private enterprises in each province。”
“Big family,Is among the top ten domestic private companies in each year,But even the big family,Its background can’t beat the seven famous doors,And this old man,Is one of the seven famous doors·The head of the Linghu family in Xiamen。”
“but,After all, these four ranks are only listed by these families themselves,Not well-known among the people,Especially famous,Not even as well-known as those small races、Big family。”Bai Ze finished,I just arrived at Xianlaiju Teahouse。
Linghu leads Bai Ze、Zhao Feng went to VIP Room 3 on the third floor,Soon,All kinds of high-end desserts and tea are all over the table of Eight Immortals,Quaint surroundings,Don’t have a mood。