And exactly the same as last time,The plane just stopped,Was surrounded by several armed off-road vehicles galloping,Then ran down dozens of heavily armed soldiers from the off-road vehicle,Surround the planes。
All of a sudden, the plane turned into a pot of porridge,As if everyone saw the death god Satan,Exclamation、Cry for help、Crying one after another,Chaos,Even Mr. Brewer on the side,I was so frightened。
“Joe,Are not you afraid?”
Professor Friedman, who is used to seeing the big scene, sees Qiao Tianyu’s face and his heart is not beating,Very surprised,Being so young can do the same,Indeed a general demeanor。
“Not afraid。”Qiao Tianyu smiled and shook his head。
He didn’t tell the teacher,Within the last half month,He has experienced these scenes twice in Moscow and Dubai,It’s really not surprising。
“it is good!it is good!”Professor Friedman smiled and patted Qiao Tianyu on the shoulder,Even more for this new student。
And just in the gap between the two talking,The door of the plane opened,In a blink of an eye, a man in a suit and sunglasses boarded the plane,They have a clear goal,Go straight to Qiao Tianyu and others,Made to them“please”Actions。
While following the group of men in suits and sunglasses on their way off the plane,Qiao Tianyu is still full of doubts,It’s not the first time Chubais and him have seen each other,Is it necessary to engage in such a tense situation today??
Also used armed forces,Emptied the entire Dubai International Airport,In order to catch him Qiao Tianyu,This cost is too high, right?
do not forget,This is Dubai,Not in Russia!
But after getting out of the cabin,Seeing that Chubais is indeed under the plane,And behind him, as always, stood a group of men in suits and sunglasses,It’s just that this time there seem to be more men in suits and sunglasses than before.。
has a problem!
Seeing Qiao Tianyu and others come down,Chubais hurriedly greeted him,It’s just that his goal is not Qiao Tianyu,But went straight to Professor Friedman walking in the middle。
I saw him come to Professor Friedman,I looked up and down carefully for a long time,There was an incredible expression on his face,“you.You are really Professor Friedman?”
“Comrade Chubais,last year8month,You stood in front of my villa for three days,Although I didn’t see me,But my ice tea,You didn’t drink less!”Professor Friedman handed over his passport,“Milton·Friedman,Replace as fake!”
“exactly!”Chubais almost cried with excitement after hearing it,“Professor Friedman,I finally saw you!I.I’m so happy!”
“Hahaha,I can’t come,Otherwise Tianyu’s girlfriend and son won’t be able to keep it,Hahaha.”Professor Friedman raised his head and laughed。