[Baby eats ocher yam and yam]_ 薏米 yam_baby

The baby’s body is very immature and fragile compared to adults, so something that adults can often eat may not be eaten by babies.

And 芡, 芡, and yam are three kinds of food that can be eaten as well as Chinese medicinal herbs, so people often eat 芡, 薏, and yam together, and most parents will give their babies a little while they eat it, so babiesWhat happened when I ate the yam rice yam?

1. The formula of Chinese yam and rice and rice porridge has been in existence since ancient times and has been admired by many well-known doctors.

This porridge has the effects of replenishing qi and blood, reconciling the spleen and stomach, removing dampness and water, and strengthening the spleen and lungs.

Yam is called “the food of the gods”, “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” is listed as the top-level supplement medicine, indica rice is called “the elixir of Yishou”, and Ji Shi recorded “the longevity and the longevity” in the medical book.

Ordinary foods, even those that can increase qi and blood, we want to get its nutrition, we must first introduce some qi and blood to digest and absorb it, but for people with too weak qi and blood, this qi and blood cannot be obtainedComing out, yam, barley, and glutinous rice, it is a good medicine and food that can directly supply our qi and blood without our extra expenditure.

2. The benefits of these three flavored porridges are too many, but there are still many people who are unhappy.

People who have too much turbid air in their bodies will feel full after drinking this porridge.

People who are too hot will have chest tightness and discomfort, and those with blood stasis and blockage will have increased pain, as well as dryness and blood dryness, cold and asthma, short urination, and hot constipation.

This is like if you want to attract Qingquan, you must first drain the sewage, “Chen blood will not go, new blood will not be born, turbid gas will not be removed, and clear qi will not be stored.”

3, the foot of the mountain, barley kernel rice and coriander directly cooked porridge, this should be widely recognized as yam barley porridge, the biggest advantage of this approach is the simplest, the disadvantage is not very delicious (my personal opinion?
), Because the cooked rice is rice, the soup is soup, it is not sticky at all, and Huaishan corrects that it is crispy when cooked, and chews together with the rice and the rice. It is an indescribable feeling.It’s unpleasant to chew certain things with different flavors.

I have done this before and have not done so.