[Fried yam fungus practice]_Fried yam fungus_How to do_How to do

Fungus is a kind of gourmet with a high content of bacteria. It has high nutritional value and is good for the body’s absorption. Yam can replenish blood and qi, regulate the spleen and stomach, and promote digestion. Fried yam is two common ingredients, plus bamboo shoots and cabbage.After stir-fry together, it is relatively light, crispy and delicious, and the soft waxy taste of yam is very good.

Ingredients Yam, dried fungus, lettuce, red pepper, spring onion, salt, sesame oil, chicken essence, rice vinegar substitute, sugar.

Method 1: Peel and slice yam, soak it in water with white vinegar for a while, and then blanch it with boiling water with salt. Then remove it and dry it. 2. Put the fungus into warm water, add salt and dry starch, and soak.Until the initiation, then remove the root, tear into small pieces, also quickly boiled in boiling water; 3, peel and slice the lettuce, wash and slice the red pepper; 4, add oil to the pan, scallion flowers after hot, pour lettuce, redStir fry the pepper and fungus for a while, then pour in the water; 5. Put in the mountain to stir fry directly, add chicken essence, salt, sugar, vinegar and sesame oil, stir well and turn off the heat.

Tips and tricks about the processing method of yam: 1, the cut yam must be soaked in vinegar water to prevent darkening; peeled yam before washing hands with vinegar water to avoid allergies and itching; 2, put the top of the mountain withStir some kind of salt in boiling water first, then fry it.