Pingyang Zhen**These staff,Whether it’s Xia Jian or Ma Yan,They are very familiar。So once I got the certificate,Xia Jian asked Wei Xiaoming to go out and buy more than ten catties of fruit grain,Give it to everyone,It’s festive。

On the way back to Xiping Village,Ma Yan suddenly asked Xia Jian:“We get the certificate today,I found that Mayor Tong was not happy,She seems to be lost,You talk,Is there something Continue Reading

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Wang Youcai was silent for a while,It seems that Chen Donghai is not an unambitious person。There is really no way he can find Julan。As the saying goes,A penny stumps a hero,Not to mention this is still in the city,You need money to drink。

It’s almost time,The two are getting off work。Wang Youcai walked gently to Julan who was packing her things and said:“You don’t have to go back tonight,Lao Lu returned home,I’m alone Continue Reading

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